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Pokemon Perfect Platinum


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Hack of:

Pokemon Platinum


Player starts out on their adventure following their overly-hyper childhood friend. In what starts out as just another innocent adventure the player soon finds them self fighting for the fate of the world against the evil Team Galactic in an effort to stop their power lust as they try to control the great Giratina.


All 493 Pokemon are available!

4 major events accessible, allowing you access to 4 D/P Legendaries!


  • I have included every Pokemon scattered throughout the Sinnoh Region. Unfortunately, due to lack of scripting tools at this time many previous (pre-D/P/P) legendaries can be encountered randomly (most if not all are level 70+).
  • I did my best to keep the Sinnoh dex somewhat accurate, but any Pokemon that is not in Platinum will not appear in the Pokedex. I apologize for any inconvienence but we just don't have the tools to edit the Pokedex at this time.
  • I have edited every trade evolution! Normal Trade Evolutions should evolve at level 40. Item trade evolutions now evolve holding the trade item on level up in the daytime.
  • 4 event items are available through in-game trades. Allowing access to event legendaries. (Be sure to remove the items from the pokemon once the trade is completed!)
  • The Stopwatch and Alarm Clock Pokétch Apps can be acquired from the Pokétch President once you have 7 Gym Badges.
  • Challenger's Edition has progressively increasing difficulty for experienced trainer's.
  • Newest releases include patching program and your choice of patching methods.
  • Patch should now be Linux compatible!
  • I've included mirrors in case of server failure.
  • *UPDATED* I found an error in Rotom's Form room and have corrected it.



Special Thanks:

Mushen - Without him, you may have never seen this release!

SCV - For all his patience with me! (And the extra help you gave us at the end!)

FattyFatFatFat - For her work on the location guide and her patience with my hectic life!

You may choose the GUI versions (they are smaller and easier to handle) although they are not guaranteed to be bug free. The non GUI versions are Linux compatible.

GUI Versions:

PP GUI Version.zip

Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 down

PPCE GUI Version.zip

Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 down

Non-GUI Versions:

Perfect Platinum

Mirror 1 down

Perfect Platinum - Challenger's Edition

Mirror 1 down

Locations List:

Location List..zip

Office Document

Mirror 1


Online Version

Video Walkthrough:

PP GUI Version.zip

PPCE GUI Version.zip

Location List..zip

Edited by Roland
Uploaded location guide and a Final thank you.
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I started reading up on it the day before the official release, (I ♥ having friends that work at game stores!) 4 days later I had the first beta out! About a week after that (5 days ago) I released Challenger's Edition which followed 2 days after the 2nd beta...

Wow, I just looked at the calendar, that's 3 versions in 2 weeks... Hot damn!

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Why thank you!

Just a quick update, I may have possibly came up with a way to make every legendary you catch in my mod pass every legit check without having to edit your save file.

At this point in time, I only have theories on this stuff cuz I cannot test Wi-Fi at all, but I know every pokemon you catch in my mod has legit stats.

If people are willing to test wi-fi on this (mainly to see if pokemon pass legit checks) I would greatly appreciate the feedback! Plus, I have sworn to fix any possible bugs that may arise, so that I can make this as Perfect as possible.

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I like it, but could you please add the location of every pokemon on the pokedex? even if you add them we wont be able to find some of theme without a list of locations or a pokedex entry with the location area.

i liked the challenge version and i wish you luck with this project.

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well i really hate to say this but, that is impossible

no one has cracked the way the pokedex works yet (believe me, it was the first thing i wanted to edit!)

I actually just beat the e4 in my challenger's edition this morning and I gotta say, it was perfect!

I am currently working on fixing the events, as I found out the event items received from in-game trades are useless...

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Aw that sucks... maybe if you edited an NPC so you can select the pokemon and get their location through dialog instead of the pokedex...(dont know if thats possible, just giving ideas xD).

if you cant then just post a list here or in a notepad with the patch.

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yea, I was considering the notepad idea, but I probably won't get to it until all of the pokemon are in there final locations, after playing through it I've seen some stuff I wanna tweak, move, and remove. Especially since I confirmed last week that all my edited evolutions do work perfectly!

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uh, yea, I designed completely around the US Platinum!

I started the day before it's release!

Although I will advise for now (and I have been avoiding saying this for about a week but it's at the point where it needs to be said) to not do the in-game trades, yes they do give you the event items but for the time being those event items are broken. Depending on the method I decide to use to fix them (I am still weighing my options on this) if you do the in-game trades now you may have to restart the game from scratch if you want to access the events later...

Although the methods I am currently looking at that may not be the case, you may just have some junk items from the in-game trades if you keep your current save and I may switch the in-game trade items to evolutionary stones...

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Manaphy is catchable in mine, so is Phione, they aren't easy but they are in there

And I thought the gracidea flower came with Shaiman!? If not it is obtainable somehwere I think... Just like the Platinum Orb... (Obviously I do not know where, I am only under impression from what I have read looking around)

Edited by Roland
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(20:49:40) (SCVgeo) btw any plans on making a platinum version of insanity or does Perfect Platinum mean you won't?

(20:52:09) (Flay) perfect platinum? first I've heard of that

(20:54:48) (Flay) link me to this perfect platinum thing?

(20:55:00) (SCVgeo) http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=24

(20:56:41) (SCVgeo) you two have a strangely similar taste

(20:56:52) (Flay) looks somewhat like my insanity hack

(20:56:53) (SCVgeo) he said he's talked to you before

(20:56:57) (SCVgeo) right

May I know who you are? I don't remember talking to you, at least not to a "Roland"

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