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BW Event - Korean 2012 Nationals Shiny Volcarona


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A Gold (Shiny) Volcarona (불카모스) will be distributed at the Korean 2012 Nationals (known as Elimination rounds) on June 9th and 10th via Infrared connection at the aT Center in Seoul.

It will be a Male at Lv. 100, OT is 선발전12 (Elimination rounds '12), and its moves are: Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, Fiery Dance, and Morning Sun (egg move), it will also be holding a Focus Sash.

The Pokemon is not shown to have a ribbon tab in the in-game pic shown below. (It may be because NoK doesn't want to announce its ribbon at this time.)

Pokemon of Korea news article

Distro information pop-up


Gallery entry

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It doesn't appear to say anything about it being a Nationals. :S

Can you... read all the Korean stuff? Or are you just looking at the logo with "World Championships" on it?

Cause I can't read Korean.

It's possible they're just using a different logo system than other regions and it's the National-level competition of the World Championship series... which would make most sense, since we know the World Championships are in Hawaii this year.

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So basically... their version of Nationals, yeah? County is so small, I guess they don't need more levels like Regionals, etc.

Wonder why they're skipping out on Larvitar, and I wonder if this is just NOK going off on their own with this Volcarona, or if this will be distributed in Hawaii as well? How weird...

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I was looking on the internet information from people who attended the event and I find this person, but unfortunately I can't speak Korean to ask her who shared the pgf of event.


He is choosing "Get from Infrared" there. How is it possible he receives something?

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I tried to find an "Email-me" button with google translate, but it seems that you can only write a comment or PN if you are registered. I tried to register, but at a point it asks me either for a mobile phone or stationary phone number with korean pre-numbers only.

That's at least what I think.

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