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  1. None of the locations you mention apply. Link Trade only is relevant as a location for ingame trades. What you actually want to do is just transfering the pkm from your Platinum save to your Soulsilver save file. You don't need to alter anything but the species and maybe Ability, not sure if Pokegen works with Ability 1/2/Hidden or a free selection of all abilities. If the latter is true, you just need to check which Pokemon change their ability during evolution, and look up the corresponding number of the unevolved pokemon's ability (1, 2 or Hidden), and give the evolved form the respective ability in PokeGen. That's all you need to do, the result will be perfectly legal. About GTS: pkms do not include information about wheter it came from GTS or from not, so this should answer your question.
  2. Are the tools from -Legal-Checking-Tools'>https://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?17961-Pokemon-Colosseum--Legal-Checking-Tools still up to date? Probably they are, still I was wondering about a Shiny from . PID: 1D85CC7E Brave, Ability 1, 29/21/23/13/24/24 The tools show a correlation between the IV spread, nature and ability, however: another PID, which indicates it was shinyfied. I'm asking because I remember it being checked as legal from Pokecheck when it was up (years after the linked thread iirc), and I thought Pokecheck included -PID checks?
  3. As the update is not out for very long, you'll have a good chance to get an older version. However, you can not be sure before you have it in hand. Maybe you can try the used ones and just check the settings? New ones probably are not on latest firmware yet, quite likely they were producted before the update was availible.
  4. When you import a G5 .pkm file with an OT (not tested for nicknames) that includes a "♀" to PKHeX, it shows up as "⑮", which is an illegal character in the games. I tried the same for the male symbol (Pokegen: \246E), shows up as "⑭", so probably some unicode sets are messed up. PKHeX works fine with pkm files where the name was created in Pokegen by pasting the "♀", as it seems to read this differently than the unicode (\246E) it shows for game-created names. While I'm at it: The "About" window has a little spelling mistake, "Inspiried by Codr's Pokegen".
  5. Because: TBH, I have literally no idea what kind of homebrew is possible with a console on latest firmware. Edit: Now I just took some time to read about this; turned out it is not an option. 10.6 (current) blocks menuhax / browserhax, and I already did the update. Not a friend of software-sided solutions anyways, since it is just a matter of time till they get patched. Also, skipping updates is not an options since I enjoy online SSB on 3DS from time to time and thus I am forced to update everytime.
  6. Heyho, I just had a quick look on the Excel sheet in the constribution zip. Just one thing I noticed, the sheet isn't quite consistent in what it lists. Some events that are missing are listed, but others like the aforementioned Pikachu, the different TIDs for the Mega Campaign events, or Australian Hoopa (ID: 10235) are not (maybe more; I have not checked it really, these were just the ones I noticed). I'd also suggest to include the Pokemon Link Events, where Pokemon Bank Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr seem to be missing. Some kind of overview in this thread or in the sheet which events the collection does NOT include yet would be awesome. Another thing I noticed: There are "?"s for Electabuzz without ribbon. I believe it is safe to assume that those don't exist. I've been quite active in the event collection scene at this time, and have not seen a single Electabuzz without despite actively searching for one. This was before the time save editing other than powersaves was possible. As there have not been any of those, it seems to be very likely that the Magmar without ribbon exists just due to some mistake on Nintendo's end. As I haven't been following the scene for a while and am too busy to get up to date for now: In case you are already able to decrypt powersaves-backups let me know, I could contribute some of the missing events, such as different versions of Magmar with/without ribbon (I was able to get quite some codes at that time to redeem myself) and the Italian Arash Mamoswine (picked up at German VGC on Italian language). While I can juggle stuff through my japanese copies with CyberGadget, I have no way to access the save of my european games directly, so unfortunately I cannot extract wc6s. Edit: Forget about Hoopa, I just have overseen it in the list.
  7. Regarding the Excel file... Inkay is listed as F for Female, however the event's gender was set to random. I don't have the wc itself, but I collected quite a few Inkays in trades before powersaves and everything else that is possible now was released. Edit: Actually, there are quite a few other events with a given gender in the list that should be random, like the PC Scizor, Gengar, the Mega-Event series, ...
  8. Just something I'd like to post as someone else might be interested in that information aswell, just like I was a while ago. It bugged me for a while that Xerneas is the only pokemon with different forms for which neither Powersaves nor PKHeX offer an option to change through save editing. Finally I had some time to play with my savefiles, so I hexedited a little to get an active Xerneas outside of a battle. Point is, Xerneas active mode works different from all other form changes; My hacked one indeed has the active-mode-mini-icon (basically proving my hexediting did what it was supposed to do), however, the big sprite still shows Xerneas in passive form. That probably is the issue, as people would think their save editor was flawed if they tried that out.
  9. But how did you get the edited pkx in the save? Edited in CyberGadgets Advanced mode? Or can you load the edited pkx in PKHeX? I thought it works similar to PokeGen, meaning it "reads" the pkx file and writes it new when inserted - which would overwrite the hexedited form for Xerneas, as the programm does not support extra forms for it.
  10. I think it has been asked earlier, but I can't find an answer, so I'll just ask again; sorry if this was already answered somewhere else. Is there any reason for Xerneas not to have the possibility to change between passive and active form? PKHeX can't change the form, and Powersaves offers form-switch codes for everything, except Xerneas. Which leads me to the assumption that Xerneas active form is somewhat special... or is it just a coincidence that both programs do not offer it?
  11. Does anyone know a site shipping the cybergadget worldwide? Only found it on japanese amazon, which does not ship that item outside japan.
  12. A little. There are no Electabuzz without ribbon to my knowledge. However, Magmar is difficult. I obtained a german one using a UK Code at 5/4, which came with a ribbon. Only english (and JAP / KOR games which use the english WC) seem to always lack the ribbon, I don't think that was fixed as I haven't seen an english one with ribbon yet. However, at least german and french Magmar can exist with AND without ribbon.
  13. Pokemon: Charizard Gender: Unknown Level: 36 OT: 올레tv ID: Unknown Ability: Blaze Nature: Unknown Moves: Fire Fang | Dragon Rage Flame Burst | Fire Fang Air Slash | Air Slash Inferno | Dragon Claw Item: Charizardite Y / Charizardite X Pokeball: Cherish Ball Ribbon: Unknown Location: South Korea Dates: 11 April - 30 April 2014 Game Distribution: X / Y Distribution Type: Serial Code Distribution Location: Via text message Sources: http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/?inc=event-olleh-popup
  14. It's getting serious... I noticed that Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist lack their forms, but nice it seems to support MissingNo and the Bonus-Forms of Vivillon and Furfrou.
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