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BW Event - Massive Hoenn/Kyushu Event


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Originally announced by Masuda at a fan event at the Fukuoka Pokemon Center as being a Pikachu with Extremespeed to be distributed at Kyushu Shinkansens (to celebrate the one year anniversary of the full completion of the Kyushu bullet train line) (and one year anniversary of the Fukuoka Pokemon Center moving)... this event has exploded into a MASSIVE "Super-Powerful" Hoenn Pokemon giveaway.

A Pikachu knowing ExtremeSpeed

will be distributed wirelessly on Shinkansens running in Kyushu from March 1st - May 6th.

OT: さくら

Gender: Female

Level: 50

Ability: Static




Grass Knot

Brick Break

Hold item: none

Ball: Cherish Ball

Ribbon: Classic Ribbon


Between March 17th and May 6th, a plethora of powerful Pokemon will be distributed by IR at 8 different train stations in Kyushu.

During each time period, you can randomly get one of three Pokemon.

Distribution 1: March 17 - April 1 will be Sceptile, Blaziken, and Swampert.

Distribution 2: April 2 - April 22 will be Milotic, Ludicolo, and Walrein.

Distribution 3: April 23 - May 6 will be Metagross, Salamence, and Gardevoir.

During the same time period, you are able to visit other stations to try again

(meaning there must be unique WC IDs for each station and each distribution period).



If you take the Pokemon you received at a station to the Pokemon Center in Fukuoka, you can receive one of the two main Legendary Pokemon from Hoenn (at level 80).

Groudon will be distributed from March 17 - April 15

Kyogre will be distributed from April 16 - May 6

The Pikachu from the trains can't be used to get these Pokemon, it has to be one of the station Pokemon.



(It'd be nice to source PP.org as well if you are getting the translation of this news from here, from me)

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ridiculous update
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This is what Card ID tampering / multiple cartridges are for.

It's still not as bad or redundant as TfE. I think it'll attract more people than those older Events anyway. There couldn't be a more interesting set of Events before the Movie ones are announced, and especially before those next game releases. It would definitely be nice to have Groudon and Kyogre after the Rayquaza Event from the poll too.

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Apparently these CAN be shiny, as Xfr has uploaded several onto Pokecheck



These Wonder Cards do not have the normal shiny check in place, so it is possible for them to be shiny color-variants.

As far I've seen, this series, Groudon, and the Sakura Pikachu were the first ones to have this.

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Not sure, but these are one of the events that are less "official." They're still OFFICIAL events, they just aren't directly managed by Pokemon or Nintendo, I don't think.

There hasn't been any news about these on the official Pokemon websites, only on the JR Kyushu site. Very similar to the ANA events, etc.

Perhaps that choice was made on the JR side? Or, perhaps this will be a new trend for all/most/some events from now on?

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I think they may have updated the wording on some stuff during one of the updates, or I just misread it the first time in my haste.


The bit about not being able to get Groudon/Kyogre if you got Pikachu is incorrect. It says that you can't USE the Pikachu to get Groudon/Kyogre, it has to be one of the station Pokemon.

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Heh, that's a relief (even though it doesn't really matter to me.)

Otherwise I would have wondered who would pick Pikachu over Kyogre/Groudon.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The official site was updated today to reveal info on the final station distributions.

The three pokemon are: Metagross, Salamence, and Gardevoir.

Salamence knows:

Dragon Dance (egg), Dragon Claw (higher level), Outrage (pre-Gen V or DW), Aerial Ace ™.

Gardevoir knows:

Hypnosis (higher level), Thunderbolt ™, Focus Blast ™, and Psychic.

Information regarding Kyogre's moveset was also updated.

Kyogre knows:

Ice Beam, Ancient Power, Water Spout, and Thunder ™.

Gallery entries have been updated here:


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