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Pokémon DarkDiamond (Beta 2.1 Available)


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Basic information

Name: Pokémon DarkDiamond

Creator: Markitus95 (or Spiky, if you wanna call me like that)

Base ROM: Pokémon Diamond (USA)


Living in Twinleaf Town has always been boring. Having a cool neighbour can improve things, but everything has a limit. Tired of the monotonous life and with a growing spirit of adventure, you and your friend go to Lake Verity, with the intention of finding that red Gyarados everyone talks about. But... What's going on Route 201? It looks like a mysterious man is attacking Professor Rowan! What does he want?


  • Catch all 493 Pokémon!
  • New storyline
  • Brand-new characters
  • New team: Team xGlite
  • Play as Brendan or Dawn!
  • New graphics, and updates from HGSS and BW!
  • New music
  • And much, much more...


Hack's name: giradialkia

Sprites: Coronis, minime010, Red6095, n0rul3s, spaceemotion

Overworlds: Kyledove, Raven-Lux

Music: xXchainchomp01, lala19357, Truearagon, tobinus, themutestranger

Special thanks to my friend Arc. This hack wouldn't exist without his great help :)

If I forget someone, sorry, and please send me a PM.


Beta 2 (Current version)





Demo version: 100%

Beta 1: 100%

Beta 2: 100%

Beta 2.1: 100%

Beta 3: 10%


  • The rival's name doesn't appear when talking with him in Route 201. Fixed
  • When entering Lake Verity, the game crashes. Fixed
  • Brendan's backsprite has a minor error in the 4th frame. Fixed
  • Dawn talks as Brendan in the lab. Fixed
  • The name of many trainers appears glitched. Fixed


Beta 2.1 (Up to Veilstone City's gate): http://www.mediafire.com/?a81cxtajhgoehoh

Update from Beta 2 to 2.1: http://www.mediafire.com/?5j5jws2f4urlcaq

Patching instructions are included in the archive

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Wow, this is a bit more than your average edit. Trying to challenge Bloody Platinum, eh? :) Looking forward to seeing your finished work!

Lol, another one who has confused me with the creator of Bloody Platinum. I didn't create it, I'm another person who is in DS hacking since two years ago :)

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