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Swinub Flu


Does your pokemon have swinub flu?  

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  1. 1. Does your pokemon have swinub flu?

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Ok, this either goes in off topic or creative discussion or something else I didn't see. So if this is in the wrong place sorry mods and admins. Now to discuss swinub flu

Reporter: Pokemon region wide are dropping dead with the symptoms of the human flu. I have with me today Professor Rowan to discuss the matter. Now Rowan what do you think caused this.

Rowan: A swinub!

Reporter *gasps* but how

Rowan: I believe it to be a mutation in pokerus! You see I think it originated through a battle. Two trainers with a doduo were battling one of them had pokerus and the other one was cured of pokerus. Then the cured one battled and lost it got miniscule traces of pokerus on its feathers which it passed on to the swinub switching in since this trainer didn't use pokeballs on doduo and swinub for some odd reason. The swinub switching in got the pokerus from the doduo on the opponents side but it had been contaminated by the other doduo. Therefore it was a mutation. I believe that this can only be caught by a swinub. Due to our testings and our duplication of the experience no other pokemon can catch it from a doduo but a swinub. However, the swinub can spread it to other pokemon.

Reporter: What are some of the symptoms?

Rowan: Chronic cough, chills, fever, vomiting, stuffy/runny nose, body aches, and Low experience gain and pokemon cannot evolve under this disease.

Reporter:*gasps* Is there a way to treat this

Rowan: As of now we have no way to treat this to cure the disease. However, there are ways to make up for the experience loss by feeding it some HP ups and Irons and stuff like that.

Reporter: So pokemon can still grow with this disease?

Rowan: Yes however it is much much harder.

Reporter: So how long before a cure is found?

Rowan: Well we currently are working on it and we almost have a cure for one of the worst symptoms, not evolving. We have tried to evolve about 50 different pokemon that have the disease and all have been unable to evolve. This is a drastic symptom and by feeding it Oosum berries you will be able to cure this symptom if it is unwanted.

Reporter: Thank you professor rowan for your time. Over to you Jamie...

Jamie: In other news.....


Comment please!

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News Release from the Bureau of Bidoof Inquiry:

The bureau of Bidoof Inquiry has come to your aid! Bidoof whiskers have been found to be a cure for the new pokemon virus dubbed the "Swinub Flu". This deadly virus has been sweeping the pokemon world. Hopefully this cure can be administered before the flu gets out of hand.

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We're still inquiring as to what they are called, but the little fluffy bit around their faces can be ground up, mixed with chemicals such as Carbos and Protein to make a medicine which is also used in curing Psyducks' headaches.

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Hmm i wonder why only Pokemon are catching it. *looks at arm* NUUUUU Pokemon aren't the ones exposed to the disease, we ARE! eek I'm turning into a Swin............RAWR! I'm a Were-Swine.

Calm down. You are not, but you are a carrier of it.

The virus is airborn. I need to call Dr. Gourd immediatly.

I'm safe though. I'm far away in another universe!

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