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Will there be a Special Edition HG/SS DSi?


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Yah but I have been holding off buying the DSi for this reason alone.

Woo so I am not the only one xD

Also, I think the most likely choice of what the DSi would look like IF they make one, would be Ho-Oh and Lugia like they did with Palkia and Dailga. Just my first guess.

What I would LIKE to see would be one with the Legendary Beasts. And has far as the Pichu thing, it has been done. The Gold GBA had Pikachu and Pichu on it. Same with the G/S GBC

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But think of it having LED lights as the shape of the pokemon on it powered by the system so you can have them turned off would be really neat in my opinion.
Highly unlikely.

But you can't deny it would be cool! I may have to get an extra DSi and mod it to be like that. I have seen it done with PSP's so why not a DSi?

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Feel has a lot to do with the comfort of how you play. If there is a special Pokémon edition DSi, it will most likely feel no different, just as the other special editions did not feel any different than the original. I'm pretty sure there will be a special DSi, I just don't believe it will be any different than a normal DSi.

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What would really be fantastic is if they did both a gold and a silver DSi, with a HG logo on the gold, and a SS logo on the silver. I'd definitely buy one of those, provided I'm not broke from buying the games.

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