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Potential R/S/E remake..


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I'm sensing a pattern here

1st Gen RBY

2nd Gen GSC

3rd Gen remake of RBY, RSE

4th Gen remake of GSC, DPP

5th Gen potential remake of FRLG/RSE, and 5th gen stuff

Thus, you can say that 3rd gen and onwards will have remakes of (gen no. - 2)th gen.

If my speculation is correct, in a few years Nintendo will release their newest gaming device, then announce 5th generation, then 2-3 years after that, remakes of 3rd Gen.

Your comments?

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I don't see a remake of FR/LG or even R/S/E. They are just to new. The R/S/E will come LONG before a FR/LG remake on top of that.

Yes Nintendo likes the money, but making remakes so quickly would be beating a dead horse. I don't see a remake for R/S/E until real late after Gen 5 or around Gen 6 *if we have a Gen 6*

EDIT: Misread the last part of your post. What you said makes sense and fits into the whole frame of time I am thinking of. 3-4 years or more sounds about right for a Gen 3 remake.

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gee... I also think this is bound to happen I dunno why but I believe that at GameFreak they have some sort of sign that says:

For the fans: "Gotta catch 'em all"

For Nintendo: "Gotta catch 'em wallets"

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It would suck if Nintendo made another handheld system =/ I don't see the R/S/E remake yet, seeing as they are still quite known, and not ancient enough.

The last being from 2005, how we all know. I don't think there will be a remake at least until to 2011 or 2012. Still Hoenn is my home region, i would adore a remake.

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That's how companies make money now-a-days. As long as they give us what we want, we'll buy, and I'm fine with that.

In the the old forums, there was a person that said that pokemon was going to have another gen and that was it. And that his grandpa told him that.

I doubt that, but have it as a possibility. If they are going to end, i hope that happens after a Hoenn remake.

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I'm going to think of it like this:

All 1st and 2nd Generation games have been remade, other than Crystal.

-FR/LG incorporates Blue in the sense that they're all Kanto.

-Gold and Silver are being remade[HeartGold/SoulSilver] and it seems they've included Yellow's biggest gameplay individuality with making your starter being able to follow you.

It would make sense for them to remake Hoenn after a 5th Generation, possibly after the 6th. Think of this:

RBG came out in 1996 in Japan and 8 years later comes FireRed and LeafGreen.

GSC came out in 1999 along with Yellow in '98 and 10/11 years later come HeartGold and SoulSilver.

It would make sense for Hoenn to come out in 2012/2013 seeings how it's 8-10 years later from the original date.

This is only a theory, but I'm sticking to it. I see it like this for Pokemon games here out:

-HeartGold and SoulSilver

-5th Generation

-Third Installment in 5th Generation

-6th Generation

-Third Installment in 6th Generation

-Hoenn Remakes

-etc, etc.

That's what I think.

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