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Pokemon Black and White Translation Project


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randomspot555 edit: I've gotten a lot of reports that concern people who haven't read the rules. Do not ASK about downloading ROMS, do not SAY you downloaded a ROM, do not give advice on how to locate ROMs.


Now that I have your attention yes, we (Kazo and I) are now working on a translation patch for Pokemon Black and White! At the moment we are putting priority on anything that involves the battling part of the game (Pokemon Battles) and we will release it once we feel satisfied with it. This was more of a informative post than anything but look forward to it! For now I leave you with some screenshots. Feel free to leave any suggestions and comments, later!

Contributing to this Project

For this project we have decided to set up a git repository to make contributions easier. The link to the repository is here: http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files. The procedure is the following. If you want to contribute, fork the project on github, translate the text in a file, then commit your changes, all commits will be revised and the ones deemed adequate will be pulled into the master branch of the project and used in the patch. To install git on windows you can follow the instructions here: http://kylecordes.com/2008/git-windows-go orhttps://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/MSysGit:InstallMSysGit a recommended git gui tool is git-cola but feel free to use it through command line or any other gui tool. Help for github can be found at http://help.github.com/ or you may ask in our our #projectpokemon irc channel.

Translating to languages other than English:

If you are interested in translating to another language please fork the original project and name yours something like Pokemon Black White [Language] Translation we will clone those and generate patches, when you tell us that there is enough progress for a patch to be generated.


Translation Text List Stats:

The following files have been finished or at least edited so far: 0-15,18,21,25,30,35,44,53,54,60,61,64,70,80,90,179,181,182,199,204,271,272 <== I've lost track of these for now but i'll get back to checking what's done asap

Feel free to submit other translations as well, especially looking for the following: 12-13[PC Box Stuff], 16-18[battle Status effects(?)] Leave a reply with what you want to do or have done or just send a PM!

Those are the ones I can think of right away that'll help us get close to a v1 release thanks for all the contributions and suggestions!

Who is working on what Right Now:

This is a list to show who is working on what in order to avoid two people working on the same thing. If you want to reserve any of them let me know and I'll update this asap.

njt/karire/mattmagician/kaarosu: 16 ~around 35% done (To see the progress of this file feel free to look it up in the git... http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files/blob/master/0000/0016.txt ) as you can see this one is fun!

kazo: 17


Translation contributions in no particular order:






























...and growing I'll update this as we go let me know if I missed you

Non-Translation contributions:

Codr: insight as to the structure of the characters

Eevee: first decrypting text

Kazo: idea for encryption

SCV: program for inserting text to the narc files

Poryhack: menu graphics

Kosheh: status icon graphics

Kaphotics: save catalogue

Beta Patch:

Alright I've pulled everything we have in the git so far and compiled a patch out of it. Anyways It's nowhere near being done obviously, but it's getting to the point where we can't verify all the changes we've made for accuracy so I'm putting this out in hopes that *IF* you do use it you can provide us with some feedback as to what needs to be fixed, I ask that you look at the attack descriptions for the most part I know that needs to get the linebreaks fixed. Try not to flood the thread with it though.


Game IDs for you cheaters :D

I've had people message me about what the Game IDs are to use with their cheats for those of you that don't know how to find out these are the Game IDs for the Beta v2 games

Black: IRBJ-44483E75

White: IRAJ-B8FA503D

Save Issues Desmume

To use your old saves with this translations in this emulator try the following:

    [*]Make sure the .save file name is the same as the .nds

    [*]If it's still in Japanese, in-game go to Options and change 'Button Mode(5th option down)'

    DSTT Error - 4:

    From what I've read up in the forum (specifically ddc1's post) the problem involves the 'True Game ID' being different which is why your game won't load. Do the following to fix it:

    1. Download the following package Here
    2. Use ttd.exe to open up the following files in your flashcard 'extinfo.dat' and 'infolib.dat' (Always make a backup in case something goes wrong for whatever reason)
    3. Search for the Clean B/W Game IDs (Black: IRBJ-5F0EA646 / White: IRAJ-0203EC40 ) <== Make a note of these cause you'll need to come back to these
    4. Move your game to the same folder and run eNDryptS Advanced(Run as administrator if you have issues) when the menu comes up press '1' it should do some work and say ' Decrypted --> Encrypted (X)' and at the Bottom it should say something along the lines of sucessfully patched.
    5. Press any button to take you back to the main menu and hit '1' again this time it should say the reverse 'Encrypted --> Decrypted'
    6. Go back to ttd.exe and replace the Game IDs you found earlier with these
    7. Replace them with the following ( Black: IRBJ-7902E2EE / White: IRAJ-6F795E87 ) <== These will change with every patch but i'll keep these updated every patch right now these are for Beta v2
    8. Save and move game back to your flashcard and play!


    If my direction don't make sense try the original post and his package: ddc1's guide

    Patch Instructions:

    • Obtain a clean ROM (Dump it yourself or find it elsewhere don't ask us for it)
    • Obtain a copy of xDelta GUI(You should have this by now)
    • Open xDelta Gui
    • Click "Select Patch" and choose 'Black.patch' or 'white.patch' depending on what you downloaded
    • Now choose 'Select ROM' and navigate to the clean ROM
    • Now click on "Apply Patch" wait until it's done
    • Try it out and give some feedback? :D


    Updated the patches to fix the evolution problem, only upped the new .patch files this time around since you SHOULD have xDelta Gui by now.


    Before you ask, yes this has the Exp Patch applied to it as well and where is the link?... it's in the attachment. If that doesn't work for you try the mirror at http://kazowar.pbworks.com/

    Reported Issues from Feedback:

    • Attack/Items names still in romaji => need to be in english
    • Male rival referred to as she in intro
    • Attack Descriptions line breaks (what moves go offscreen is what i meant by this)
    • Possible freezing at bridge? and Union room
    • Empty Bag Text going offscreen as well
    • Move effects mistranslations ex. love/flinching give wrong messages (I hate 16.txt with a passion)
    • Cheren needs to become Chelon...since he's a dude and all


    Please use http://kazowar.pbworks.com/Submit-Errors and http://kazowar.pbworks.com/Submit-Typos to better keep track of these thanks!

    As a general advice/warning? to everyone please try to keep the talk of ROMs down, especially the part of how to obtain them and what not.

Edited by randomspot555
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Hey great idea :D.

My only suggestion would be letting us know where you've gotten the names from for the new moves (I know one place has called a TM "Retaliation Even" While somewhere else it's "Get Even") so that we all know what we're looking for.

And don't bog yourselves down with the story, just get the moves and items done. :D

Best of luck with it, I can't provide anything other than support and ata-boys xP.

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At the moment, anything related to battle is highest priority.

Attacks, abilities, items and stat pages and anything in the start menu.

After that it should be things like Dream World, Battle subway/battle tower (or whatever they have named it)

After that, then it's other things like musical and other eventish things.

And at last, story.

Anyway. I'm glad somone is already up and going so quick!

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Thank you very much for your hard work :), Especially you KazoWAR, After what you've been through in `temp ("Ween is releazeeee? cooompleeeeteee ittttt alllreadyzz" side of `temp at least)

I hope this project will not affect your daily lifes much and will be easy for you to do, I am also looking forward for it, but I respect the fact you chose to translate this game from a scratch which is going to tough up on you, I know I don't have the nerve to demand it right away, most thankfully you are doing it for free, I hope this post might be read by people demanding that patch right away before they post, it might save you some nerve

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At the moment, anything related to battle is highest priority.

Attacks, abilities, items and stat pages and anything in the start menu.

After that it should be things like Dream World, Battle subway/battle tower (or whatever they have named it)

After that, then it's other things like musical and other eventish things.

And at last, story.

Anyway. I'm glad somone is already up and going so quick!

Kazo has been taking care of the attacks/abilities/items/pokemon names and I've been tackling the menus. We'll merge what we have so far and do a quality check later today. Kazo went to sleep and I will as well in a couple of minutes but for the most part the basics for battling have been taken care of and we'll hopefully release something later today. Thanks for the support/suggestions!

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I'd suggest you to not tackle the ingame text storyline wise \ chatting with people, maybe aside from the intro just to let new players (if there is) to understand more about the game....

also, maybe you might want to translate points in game where new feautures that changes the metagame are discussed, such as the 3vs3, combo attacks etc... I will try to pin down the place\time I ran into those feautures and post it here along with my save file

Of course, those are all suggestions, it's your project and you are the one who decides which and what will be translated

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I just have a couple of questions about the project itself.

Will there be a central website with updates and downloads such as kazowar.pbworks.com?

Will you provide patches with and without anti-piracy circumvention? For example, I have a DSTwo and a Wood R4 that would only need a translation patch, and an Acekard which would need the EXP/Freeze fix along with a translation patch.

Best of luck with the project, I look forward to being able to battle in english. :D

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Great job guys I'm loving it already !

If there's anyway I can help just say it.

Isn't the storyline useful? So you know what you have to do and stuff like that...?

I would translated battle (like you did), then transled storyline and then work on mystery gift, wifi, dream world, ...

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Translating the story requires a huge amount of work, and is generally not worth the effort, especially with games like Pokemon where it's pretty obvious what to do and they're going to be coming out in english anyways. However, translating things like moves, items, and names are extremely helpful and much appreciated! :D

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]Hello. My name is Johnny. I have set up a thread over at GBAtemp that may be quite helpful to you. This thread contains links for and some translations that will definetely help you with the translation. Please come over and have a look and tell me what you think!

Here is the link to the thread: http://gbatemp.net/t255847-pokemon-black-white-official-translation-thread?

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its pointless in us looking at the translation guide, when Kazo and Karooso is making a translation patch for on the actually rom itself, and he has images to prove it also

If you're on about the previous post then that is a little resource for the translators to actually use should they get stuck anywhere.

If you're on about the OP then that is for other people to contribute to the translation should they have the know how.

So while it may be pointless to you, it's not pointless in the slightest.

Anyway, I'm really surprised with the speed that this moving :o. Keep it up and you'll be done in no time haha :D

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its pointless in us looking at the translation guide, when Kazo and Kaarosu is making a translation patch for it, and he has images to prove it also, what would you rather look at a guide and play it in japanese or play the game and its english

Its not actually a guide, its a thread with sources who have already translated some of the game just to make it easier for kazo.

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