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  1. Great work you guys! For the next patch can the Victiny event be translated, 'cause this is still in Jap. Thanks !
  2. Great work you guys! In the Shippou city in the first house their is a girl that still speaks jap and when ik turn on the c-gear my game freezes... Can someone help me?
  3. Thanks to everyone who is translating this ! I hope their will be a new patch before 1 november 'cause i wanna give it to my little brother. He loves pokemon but he has cancer and i wanna give it for its birthday ! Keep up the great work guys !
  4. Hello ! Who's the translation going? When you want to download wifi most of the stuff is still in Jap and when you recieve the gift from the guy at the pokecenter that's in Jap too. Just wanna let you know that !
  5. NSSVelocity thank you for translating this game. Also my thanks to everyone who helped and Kazo for starting this thread !
  6. Hello ! How is the translation going guys and girls? Keep up the good work i'm cheering for you all . !
  7. WOW !!! If few people would paste this in the git the full translation will be ready before the weekend !
  8. For V4 can you translated the "Live caster" and in the first city two people are playing music (also in jap) and the moment you get your running shoes en when you get your pokedex, when you put it in bag, is also in jap. Good job you guys!! Will V4 be out this weekend? And is much done sinds V3? Just questions.. Keep up the good work !!!
  9. The people who are working on the translation are doing a great job ! But if you could translated the lines in the live caster and a the rest of the bords for v4^^ V4 is going to be out next weekend or...? Just a question..
  10. Thank you Soneek, NSSVelocity and Rykin122 and to all the rest ! So probably its going to be in V3? Is it coming out this friday or...? Not to push you guys !
  11. Well done you guys, and girls! I have a little request... Is it possible to translated (everything) of the first, second and third town? An further if possible, but the first town and second town would be awesome ! So every people, plates, ... And would you translated the names of the bag to?
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