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About This File

Pokémon core series save editor, programmed in C#.

Supports the following files:

  • Save files ("main", *.sav, *.dsv, *.dat, *.gci)
  • GameCube Memory Card files (.raw, .bin) containing GC Pokémon savegames.
  • Individual Pokémon entity files (.pk*)
  • Mystery Gift files (.pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc*) including conversion to .pk*
  • Importing teams from Decrypted 3DS Battle Videos
  • Transferring from one generation to another, converting formats along the way.

Data is displayed in a view which can be edited and saved. The interface can be translated with resource/external text files so that different languages can be supported.

Pokémon Showdown sets and QR codes can be imported/exported to assist in sharing.

Nintendo 3DS savedata containers use an AES MAC that cannot be emulated without the 3DS's keys, thus a resigning service is required (svdt, save_manager, JKSM, or SaveDataFiler).

We do not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. Do not use significantly hacked Pokémon in battle or in trades with those who are unaware hacked Pokémon are in use.


Support Forum <-- Post here if you have questions or found bugs

What's New in Version 20.11.28   See changelog


20/11/28 - New Update:
 - Legality:
 - - Added: Pokémon GO Legality checks, including date-range legality checks. Thanks @Lusamine & @sora10pls!
 - - Added: Nickname checks for Generation 1 in-game trades. Thanks @ShadowMario3!
 - - Added: RibbonMasterRank permissions now allow the updated species list. Thanks @Bappsack!
 - - Fixed: Ability Patch edge case for changing forms (ex. Landorus) where the current form does not have a Hidden Ability.
 - - Fixed: Gen8 Wild encounters with levels above 60 are now required to match the encounter's level.
 - - Fixed: Gen8 symbol encounters incorrect location ID hash fixed. Thanks @sora10pls!
 - - Fixed: Added Frostpoint Field for dens 175/176.
 - Added: Shiny Sprites for Crown Tundra. Thanks @msikma + github.com/msikma/pokesprite!
 - Added: Fused Calyrex slot viewing.
 - Added: More Gen4 Event Flags. Thanks @zzzzRuby & @ShadyRelapse-PP!
 - Changed: KChart now shows the "Native" state for all Armor/Crown natives in addition to the mainland natives.
 - Fixed: Clearing a box other than the first box on a blank save file now clears the box... as intended. Thanks @Lusamine!
 - Fixed: Gen8 Yamask-1 and Runerigus now show all possible FormArgument values. Thanks @sora10pls!
 - Fixed: Gen1 Daycare slot is no longer marked as active when exporting a save file with an flagged-empty daycare.

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Continues to be awesome!
(I'm still waiting for Cyber Save Editor 3DS to support Sun/Moon to be able to use this. And to beat the game first.)

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Thanks, @ Kaphotics

The reason why i registered this account is to say "Thanks" to you.

I am a PVP player. I am not willing to spend 1 second on catching/incubating a pokemon which has the correct nature/IVs/moves.

Your tool "PKHex" help me to save huge amounts of time.


Thanks again!

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Works Great and Better then Ever! :D

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Breederfags lost again :D

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