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  1. GP1 Viewer and Editor

    A rudimentary viewer and editor program for GP1 files.
    Supports drag and drop (just drag the GP1 onto the program).

    Has a function to store location data, as well as use stored location data.
    The bundled location.txt needs to be in the same folder as the program, for it to work.
    Also has in-built CP calculator, based on IVs and level.
    Note: the CP shown, is based on PGo CP calculation, which is how Go Park works.
    Initial encounter, it will show PGo details. Once captured, the CP gets rerolled to Let's Go CP.

    If you're rehosting it, please link/source THIS page.
    Source Code: https://github.com/PP-theSLAYER/gp1editor
    (I gotta warn you, it's horrible code)
    Note 2: Move indexes not on this page, were not added to the program.
    I have Last Resort and Draco Meteor added (I don't know the indexes for the other event moves).


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  2. Pokemon ORAS Cheat Plugin

    Made by Knox&Serkan.
    If you want much more informations about this file,and a tutorial how to use it,click link below


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  3. Pokemon GSC Clock Password Generator

    Generates a password to reset the clock in Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal. No additional hardware or software is required.
    Requires .NET Framework 4 or newer or a recent version of Mono.
    Supported games
    - EU, US and KOR versions of Gold and Silver
    - EU and US versions of Crystal
    - JAP games do not have this menu!
    How to use?
    Note down the required values (Trainer Name, Trainer ID and Money) from your Trainer Card and enter them into the tool to generate the password. Then follow the instructions that are provided in the tool to access the hidden menu and enter the password.
    Once you entered it correctly you will be able to reset the clock when you continue your game.
    Source Code


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  4. pk2pk - A Time Capsule Transfer Tool

    Converts a pkm/3gpkm file to any of the forward generation formats, depending on what the user selects.
    Drag & Drop tool that emulates:
    Any official transfer method Fakes non-official transfer methods (backwards conversion)


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