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Pokemon Ranger



This is the first game i played i dont have original version but i remenber play plenty hours for complete 100% and obtain special items for transfer in pokemon diamond i like the idea you make circles for capture pokemon and boost or make easy the capture the concept are completely changed in future games because focuses in other things more like in cycles the story overall are good puzzles and antagonists have important role in this game the tutorial for newcomers is good the problem i find in future games this game dont have re-play but in general i beat this game 5 times

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I played one of my brother's pokemon ranger games on time under a 'quick save' file for awhile (till I lost the whole game and then my whole file was done for xD)


It was a fun video game :) I think my starter partner in the game was a pachirisu.....it was a version where you could get more than one starter, i think?

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