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Generation 6



  • this game its dissapointment for plenty of people we have 721 pokemon and its for 3ds introduces amazing graphics and even more animated pokemons new moves and more things makes this game casual and the same time its good this game for me its not dissapoint contrary its good same ORAS i remenber this game how i obtained my shinies my fletching and my scraggy in 5 vs 1 battles the battle maison its broken because i leap level 100 for audinos for chanseys and trainers follow specific predictable pattern afther that y beat all gym quickly with my level 100 team i spent around 4 moths for complete pokemon amie and another 2 for complete pokedex with GTS the people its actually i m banned but i used in this gen GTS and its the same i remenber in generation 4 sucked because the people wants legendary in absurdy levels and its all completely nonsense but i remenber obtain starters so easily i recognize use pkhex in this game because want complete my dex the rivald for me its meh but the rest of the game you make feel small in a big scale represent things in this game the story for me its interesting and post game its short but the secondary content its good the aspect of battle maison for eixample this thing makes pokemon have name of pokemon
  • Fletching
  • Scraggy

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The Highlights Kalos:

-Korrina ❤️

-The new fairy type :)

-The Pokemon for that region were pretty neat in general

-I like that its based on france since french stuff reminds me of my grandma and makes me feel closer to her (she's dead now btw)

-Its a really pretty region in general :3

-Really catchy music throughout the whole games

-Quite possibly the coolest starter lines in pokemon are in this region


-Custom trainers in general are awesome

-The professor of kalos as well as Korrina is also pretty cute

-Your friends calling you a nickname was cute and entertaining

-Poke Amme!!!

-Being able to battle online wherever you are in the game for once

-Korrina again. And her anime arc ❤️

-Korrina even gives you a free lucario :D


-Super Training is also pretty neat.

Theres likely other things I like a lot about kalos too. :3 See? Not just Korrina~ xD

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