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Pokemon Colosseum



Yeah i have memories in this game and gale of darkness first of all i begin how i played this games i dont know its casuality or destiny or pure luck many years ago my father met someone (same person take choice for obtain gba and pokemon games or game cube with 4 games) temporary period of time game is in my own the game are (mario kart double dash mario party 4 pokemon colosseum and pokemon XD) i recognize i dont began i new game because because exists another and its in begining (he said recently tested this game but he dont make more progress) in that case i began my adventure with my starters (espeon and umbreon dont bad remenber) the rest of team are unknow because i dont remenber but i remenber captured feraligart and transferred in my sapphire the game overall its amazing and this games are difficult because its not for all type of players the trainers and plot events are difficult but no worries the tutorials in this games for how capture and certain things are pretent because dont forget newcomers began in this game team i love so much team cypher and orre region in general are amazing this game have content for dont make bored have something like battle tower the characters gameplay and graphics its good combibation and hope the 8th from switch make me feel the times of pokemon stadium or battle revolution

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I don't own pokemon colosseum but i love the music in the game.

I also used to think Wes (the main guy of the game) was really hot when I was a teenager.

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