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Spanish Vocabulary # 2




Hello everyone (Hola todos)

Today (Hoy)

Os quiero enseñar (I want to show you)

Numberos (Numbers)

Es algo simple y básico de aprender (Its something simple and basic for learn)

Uno -> One

Dos -> Two

Three -> Tres

Four -> cuatro

Five -> Cinco

Six -> Seis

Seven -> Siete

Eight -> Ocho

Nine -> Nueve

Ten -> Diez

Eleven -> Once

Twelve -> Doce

Thirteen -> Trece

Fourteen -> Catorce

Fiveteen -> Quince

Sixteen -> Diezciseis

Seventeen -> Diezciocho

Nineteen -> Diecinueve

Twenty -> Veinte

Remenber Used Dieci okay i want show you trick for make more simple learn the rest of numbers (Recordad usad dieci de acuerdo os quiero mostrar un truco para enseñaros a aprender el resto de los numeros)

Use Veinti and the rest of numbers (usa veinti en los numeros)

Example -> Twenty one -> Veinti uno

you can see twenty number in spanish its veinti (podeis ver twenty + el numero es veinti en español)

Thirty -> Treinta

Okay the trick has begun

Thirty  one -> treinta y uno

remenber treinta y and use the rest numbers 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 the treinta y (recordad el treinta y en el resto de los numeros treinta uno y el resto es igual)

Forty ->Cuarenta

Same thing with Treinta okay

Forty One -> Cuarenta y uno

Same method with rest numbers until 50

Fifty -> Cincuenta

Same thing with treinta y cuarenta

Fifty one -> Cincuenta y uno

the rest until 60 its use cincuenta y

Sixty -> Sesenta

Same case okay

Sixty one -> Sesenta y uno

in this point you find a coincidence and are so relate and thats why its easy to learn and hope this trick are helpful for you

Seventy ->  Setenta

Seventy one -> Setenta y uno

the same thing until 80 okay use the initial numbers and add ochenta y or sesenta y or setenta y

Eighty -> Ochenta

Eighty  one -> Ochenta y uno

Use the same thing okay

Ninety -> Noventa

Ninety one -> Noventa y uno

use the same thing the tonic its the same all the time using the rest numbers noventa y uno noventa y dos until 100

One hundred -> Cien

One hundred one -> Ciento uno

in this time remove y because its only ciento uno until 110

one hundred ten -> ciento diez

the trick of this its all numbers all mentioned until 200 are the same

one hundred twelve -> ciento once

you can see once are used previously like 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 okay

thats it for this lesson (Esto es todo por esta lección)





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