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Spanish Vocabulary # 4



Hello Everyone (Hola a todos)

Buenos dias (Good morning)

Hoy (today)

Vegetables (Verduras)

vegetables are healthy are its something specially debeatable (las verduras son saludables pero es algo especialmente debatible)

Brocoli -> Brecol

Lettuce -> Lechuga

Tomato -> Tomate

Potato -> Patata

Eggplant -> Berenjena

Onion -> Cebolla

Pupkin -> Calabaza

Spinach -> Espinaca

Pepper -> Pimiento

carrot -> Zanahoria

esparagus -> Esparragos

couliflower -> colifor

corn -> maiz

mushroom -> Champiñon/Seta

Brussel sprout -> Col de bruselas

peas -> guisantes

zucchini -> Calabazin

radish -> Rabano

sweet potato -> boniato

celery -> Apio

rosemary -> romero

oregano -> oregano

chickpea -> lenteja

lentil -> lenteja (lentil reminds lentilles that word its in valencian of lentil)

saffron -> Azafran (Saffron city remenber)

dill -> Eneldo

Chili -> Chile

leek -> Puerro

Artichoke -> Alcachofa

Thats its for this lesson


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