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  1. Credit to @Droidem. 0244 SM - カキ Turtonator (JPN).wc7full 0244 SM - マオ Steenee (JPN).wc7full 0244 SM - リーリエ Vulpix (Alola) (JPN).wc7full
  2. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co

    Just tested with another J7A6 Mew code on the same game I redeemed my other one on, and it wouldn't let me get it. So I'm guessing the 247 ones will have a different prefix.
  3. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co

    It's possible it checks first to see if you have 238, and if not, gives you 238. If it does, then it sends you 247. The alternative would be that it's considered a separate distribution, and has an entirely different prefix, which is determined by when you get the code. Edit: on second thought, this is probably most likely. So I'm going to try to get another code and see what happens.
  4. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co

    What a mess.
  5. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co Based on these Tweets (and Google translate), it seems the OT can change to Moon too. Considering the above, my current theory is that it'll change to Sun for all OTs transferred from past gens, but if the bugged OT Pokemon originates in gen 7, it'll take the origin game of the Pokemon. If anyone is able to test this and confirm, let me know.
  6. SM - Pokemon Rally Mew and Co

    Thanks for the tests and screencaps. I edited the /r/pokemontrades info post linked above to include the Mew.
  7. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Credit to another Reddit user for this one (who preferred not to be named). 0228 SM - テンセイざん Marshadow (JPN).wc7
  8. SM - Marshadow

    There was a "racist Gengar" distribution at German Nationals 2016, so you're right about it being alongside Machamp.
  9. SM - Marshadow

    It depends. Past movie mythicals weren't (Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion). But if you're right and it is based on a specific Pokemon, I suppose Marshadow could be different.
  10. SM - Marshadow

    For future reference, an easier way to find nature is to just check the top screen. The stat in blue is decreased, while red is increased. In any case, I'd be surprised if it was nature locked instead of allowing any nature.
  11. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Tada. (Credit to Jay aka Upper90175 on Reddit) 0615 SM - NA Champs 17 Arcanine (ENG).wc7full
  12. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Worlds did it too, but I assumed that was just because they didn't want to promote it after closing it off to spectators. This doesn't really make any sense at all.
  13. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Just the date, but yes. @Sabresite is aware of this already (and @theSLAYER too, I believe, but not 100% sure).
  14. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    I'm big into legitimate event trading (legitimate and uncloned, not just legal), and consider claiming multiple Pokemon from the same wondercard to be illegitimate. Basically, I feel as though contributing date-modified wondercards instead of exact copies "preserves" the legitimacy of my own collection.
  15. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    I'll go ahead and dump these here. Source is a friend who got them for me. (Also, dates are edited) I also got to see some others. They're not mine to contribute, but I can share their info: Card # 0230 - イーブイとカラフルフレンズ - Glaceon.wc7 Card # 0230 - イーブイとカラフルフレンズ - Jolteon.wc7