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  1. Quick update to Version 1.6.Mostly small bug fixes and incredibly minor balance tweaks this time. Fixed Electabuzz's Electirizer Evolution method. Expanded Builds: Ferroseed moved to Lush Jungle. Expanded Builds: Cherubi moved to Melemele Meadow. Expanded Builds: Fletchling in Wela Volcano Park are now encountered as Fletchinder. The Lv40 Aerodactyl received in the Seafolk Village now comes with Aerodactylite attached. Adjusted Ferroseed's Level Up moveset to better accommodate its later encounter level. Adjusted Ferrothorn's Level Up moveset to better accomodate Ferroseed's later encounter level. Minor changes to some Level Up movesets Minor text changes
  2. Nova Sun & Umbra Moon version 1.5 came out today. They now support Sun & Moon version 1.2, which also came out today. Change log: Implemented new and improved Pickup tables. SaltySD Packs: Renamed to Drag & Drop Packs, SaltySD code.bin no longer included (SaltySD is incompatible with Sun/Moon v1.2 and Luma3DS 7.0+'s LayeredFS handles everything this mod needs) Drag & Drop Packs: rebuilt Shop.cro to function with Sun/Moon v1.2. Sun/Moon v1.2 is required to run Nova Sun & Umbra Moon v1.5. Because of how SaltySD works, if you had a previous version of the SaltySD pack installed on your SD card, you need to delete those files before copying over Version 1.5! If you have previously used Nova Sun, Umbra Moon, or any other SaltySD hacks, delete SD:\luma\titles\0004000000164800 and SD:\luma\titles\0004000000175E00 from your 3DS SD card before copying v1.5. Added an in-game Trainer to commemmorate Sebastián Contreras' complete Let's Play! Minor Trainer changes Minor text changes
  3. Updated the OP with new downloads for drag and drop installation on CFW 3DS systems. Also released 2.2 of the hack, which fixes the Slowpoke ability bug.
  4. Neither link is taken down, so it's probably an issue with your browser or computer.
  5. What type of "homebrew" are you using (what are you using to launch the homebrew launcher) What device are you on What firmware are you on Do you have custom firmware (Luma3DS + A9LH), if so what version Which Build of Umbra Moon are you using When you say "open the Homebrew" do you mean launch the HBL or launch the HANS launchers for Nova Sun and Umbra Moon
  6. Just follow the instructions in the SaltySD pack. You don't have to "install" SaltySD, it's baked into the game's code.bin file which you read from the SD card by enabling Luma's file redirection feature. It's literally Enable one feature on your 3DS Drag and drop the pack to your SD Play
  7. If you've played default Sun, your 3DS has a cached icon that it uses instead of reading the icon.bin from the CIA of Nova Sun. As for the Lillie cutscene, that logo is unmodified because nobody knows where it is (or at least nobody knew when I was ready to release the game). Your game is fine, you've got the mod installed correctly. Oh, and if you're talking about using the SaltySD method and referring to the banner as an icon, neither the game's banner or icon can be edited through the SaltySD method. It'll look exactly like normal Sun on your 3DS home screen, Anything in the wild except Tapus, Solgaleo/Lunala, and the UBs can be shiny.
  8. 3DS Firmware Version 11.4 just came out. Do not update to 11.4 unless you already have Luma3DS CFW installed, even then consider waiting to update until devs fix features. As such, a kernel exploit has been released for 11.3 that allows for custom firmware installation. https://3ds.guide/ has updated to include this new exploit. If your 3DS is still on 11.3 (which it probably still is unless you updated today, April 10th), go install Luma3DS CFW now!
  9. My writeup on the recent save-editing-related bans in Sun and Moon. Conclusion is: Don't set up Game Sync in Nova Sun or Umbra Moon or any other ROM hack. If you do use Game Sync in Nova Sun or Umbra Moon, make sure you never sync with unreleased Mega Stones or absurdly high quantities of rare items like Sacred Ash or Lure Ball. If you're using Nova Sun and Umbra Moon to speed up breeding, grinding, etc. on your main save file (which has Game Sync set up), don't Game Sync while you're running the modifications. Non-Game Sync online features remain safe. This includes Wonder Trade, battling/trading friends, and unranked Battle Spot. Anything you can do without making a Game Sync ID on the Global Link website. If you get banned from Game Sync using Nova Sun and Umbra Moon, and you have a backup of your original Sun/Moon save, that backup (or a new save file) will not be banned from Game Sync. Longer and more detailed version here: https://www.reddit.com/r/3dshacks/comments/625qur/pokémon_sun_and_moon_safe_save_editing/dfkjkao/
  10. Released Version 1.4 today. This is a major update. This update: Edits nearly every available species' Level-Up movepool to better accommodate the Leveled and Expanded Builds! This means that good/novel/useful moves learned and forgotten before a species' encounter level have been copied to a later point in their level-up learnset so that the options are available to the player. Most "Level 1" moves, like Water Shuriken on Accelgor, have been added to the standard level-up learnset, allowing those Pokémon better access to their full potential. Fixes some bugs (SaltySD packs not having Max Repel in shops after beating Nanu but before beating Totem Kommo-o, Umbra Moon Distribution Packs having unedited shop.cro files) Makes some minor tweaks and edits to Trainers Fixes availability in the Expanded Build for Hippopotas and the Pumpkaboo forms Makes some species available earlier in the Expanded Build: Riolu, Togepi, Makuhita, Houndour Increases the Level of most Totem Pokémon A list of the new Level-Up learnsets is available here. See the OP for more detailed patch notes.
  11. ROM hack has been updated to v1.2. Hotfix has been removed from OP since it is now rolled into the hack distribution files.
  12. I'm 100% not the guy to ask about this
  13. Stable Luma is fine, and with stable Luma all you have to do is drag and drop and enable "external .code"
  14. Fixed in Hotfix 01, which is available in the OP of this thread now.