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    Games: Every Unova Poképun Explained

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    Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/278/Every Unova Poképun Explained">Every Unova Poképun Explained</a><p>

    With the upcoming release of Black/White, there will be endless discussion on what the names mean and what puns they are based off of. Fortunately, <a href="">Zorak</a> of the <a href="">Something Awful forums</a> has done the work for everybody.</p>


    Here is the list, in all of it's unmodified glory:</p>


    <u>Victini</u>: V FOR VICTORY, also A Small Thing (tiny). Because that's it's thing.<br />

    <u>Snivy</u>: An Ivy Snake, also possibly snide but that's probably a coincidence.<br />

    <u>Servine</u>: A Vine Serpent. It's a Serpent that looks like a vine.<br />

    <u>Serperior</u>: A Superior Serpent. It's the previous thing but better.<br />

    <u>Tepig</u>: A Tepid (Warm) Pig. Slightly warm pig.<br />

    <u>Pignite</u>: A Pig that Ignites stuff. A PIG THAT SETS SHIT ON FIRE.<br />

    <u>Emboar</u>: An Ember Boar. This pig is on FIRE CONSTANTLY.<br />

    <u>Oshawott</u>: Ocean + Otter + Water! It's an otter that lives in the water/ ocean! Also Oshawa could be referring to River-crossing, like the city (near where there are sear otters!)<br />

    <u>Dewott</u>: Dew + Otter. Dew is water!!!<br />

    <u>Samurott</u>: Samurai + Otter. It's a Samurai Seal that uses shells as blades I mean come on.<br />

    <u>Patrat</u>: Patrol + Rat. It's a prairie dog/ meerkat: they watch things, and this thing has a WATCHING YOU theme.<br />

    <u>Watchog</u>: SAME THING REALLY BUT DIFFERENT (watch + Groundhog)<br />

    <u>Lillipup</u>: LITTLE + PUP. It's a small dog!<br />

    <u>Herdier</u>: It's a terrier that herds things. HERDIER.<br />

    <u>Stoutland</u>: Stout + Newfoundland (like the dog breed, they swim well and Stoutland can learn surf!!).<br />

    <u>Purrloin</u>: Purloin (Steal) + Purr like a cat. It's a dark type cat ok what do you expect.<br />

    <u>Liepard</u>: Lie + Leopard: DARK TYPE CAT.<br />

    <u>Pansage</u>: Pan (the genus of Chimpanzees) + sage (the plant). It's a plant monkey. Name also goes with the WE'RE WAITERS YO of the Gym leaders that use them.<br />

    <u>Simisage</u>: Simi (Infraorder of higher primates, includes chimps and us!) + sage (the plant). A bigger/ more advanced monkey.<br />

    <u>Pansear</u>: Pan + Sear (burn). More semi-cooking imagery.<br />

    <u>Simisear</u>: DERP<br />

    <u>Panpour</u>: Pan + Pour (Pouring a bucket of liquid). ETC.<br />

    <u>Simipour</u>: DERP DERP<br />

    <u>Munna</u>: Moon + Luna, two words for the Moon (which this has a theme with, since they're associated with dreams and sleep). The mu in its name in Japanese can mean Dream which it also goes with too!<br />

    <u>Musharna</u>: the above, plus an onomatopoeia for eating possibly (MUSHIN' DAT SHIT). One of those carry overs.<br />

    <u>Pidove</u>: Pidgeon + Dove, two very related bird groups (basically the same group, different name).<br />

    <u>Tranquill</u>: A peaceful (TRANQUIL) bird. Quill means feathers, which a bird has. WORKS. Doves are symbols of peace, and Tranquill is supposed to live in a peaceful place where there's no war.<br />

    <u>Unfezant</u>: An unpleasant pheasant (this owns, shut up). It's supposed to be unpleasant to people not its trainer/ territorial so THERE YOU GO.<br />

    <u>Blitzle</u>: Blitz (lightning in German) + little. Blitz also refers to speed (ie, quick as lightning), so it's a fast/ quick/ electric zebra.<br />

    <u>Zebstrika</u>: A Zebra that strikes things, like lightning. Blitz (in its pre-evo as I mentioned) is often used for fast/ quick strike warfare so there you are!<br />

    <u>Roggenrola</u>: A NAME THAT OWNS. It's a ball-like rock, so making a Rock and Roller pun is totally justified imo.<br />

    <u>Boldore</u>: Boulder.<br />

    <u>Gigalith</u>: Giga = big, lith = A ROCK. A big rock.<br />

    <u>Woobat</u>: A bat that woos people (ie, seeks affection/ court). It's a love themed bat so yeah!<br />

    <u>Swoobat</u>: A bat that makes people swoon!<br />

    <u>Drilbur</u>: Drill + Burrow. It's a mole with claws shaped like shovels.<br />

    <u>Excadrill</u>: Excavate + Drill. It's a mole that is literally a drill what the fuck do you expect from the name?<br />

    <u>Audino</u>: Audio + I Dunno. Audio because its supposed to have great ears, and the I Dunno thing is a carry over from the Japanese name with the same pun because it's supposed to be a nursing and helpful with medical conditions.<br />

    <u>Timburr</u>: IT'S HOLDING A TIMBER<br />

    <u>Gurdurr</u>: IT'S HOLDING A GIRDER<br />

    <u>Conkeldurr</u>: IT'S HOLDING CONCRETE AND is also Elder because it's the oldest one. Conk+Elder.<br />

    <u>Tympole</u>: Tadpole + Tympanum. The Tympanum is your eardrum, as well as the hearing organ in general for frogs/ toads. It's a sound-themed tadpole that has giant tympanums on the side of its head. Can also reference the Tymphany instrument, same root. Vibrations/ sound etc<br />

    <u>Palpitoad</u>: Palpitate (Shaking/ rumbling/ beating) + toad. Again, sound themed.<br />

    <u>Seismitoad</u>: Seismic Toad. After all, seismic activity (Earthquakes etc) are the same exact thing as sound, just in the ground.<br />

    <u>Throh</u>: Throw.<br />

    <u>Sawk</u>: Sock.<br />

    <u>Sewaddle</u>: Sew + Waddle. A silk producing caterpillar that is a baby (so it waddles). Also swaddle, which is to wrap a baby in cloth. MULTIPLE LEVELS.<br />

    <u>Swadloon</u>: Swaddle + Cocoon.<br />

    <u>Leavanny</u>: Leaf/Leaves + Nanny. It's a leaf bug that takes cares of babies, yup!<br />

    <u>Venipede</u>: Venomous centipede.<br />

    <u>Whirlipede</u>: Centipede rolled into a ball. Whirling Centipede.<br />

    <u>Scolipede</u>: Scolopendromorpha (Centipede group) + Centipede. Or maybe also/ instead Scoliosis + Centipede. Scoliosis is the curving of the spine. It's a centipede with its back bent.<br />

    <u>Cottonee</u>: It's a cotton ball. Corruption of cottony (RESEMBLING COTTON)<br />

    <u>Whimsicott</u>: A whimsical ball of cotton. It's got a mischievous theme, and it's based on the vegetable lamb of Tartary so hey!<br />

    <u>Petilil</u>: A petite (small) lentil (seed). Which it is! Might be lily at the end though.<br />

    <u>Lilligant</u>: An elegant Lily.<br />

    <u>Basculin</u>: A masculine/ aggressive bass. It's theme is how it's a PISSED OFF FISH/ AN ASSHOLE, which is a thing bass are known for being!<br />

    <u>Sandile</u>: A SAND CROCODILE.<br />

    <u>Krokorok</u>: A crook of a crok with a name that works in both directions.<br />

    <u>Kroocodile</u>: Krokorok except more obvious.<br />

    <u>Darumaka</u>: A Macaque that looks like a <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">daruma doll</a>. The maka also means crimson in Japanese.<br />

    <u>Darmanitan</u>: An orangutan who looks like a Daruma Doll. Darumas are also known as Darhma Dolls, hence the name. It even has a daruma mode it activates.<br />

    <u>Maractus</u>: A dancing Maraca-wielding Mariachi Cactus. <img alt="" border="0" src="" title=":)" /><br />

    <u>Dwebble</u>: It's a hermit crab that Dwells in a Pebble.<br />

    <u>Crustle</u>: A crab with Crust/ stratum on it. <br />

    <u>Scraggy</u>: Craggy is to be rough, harsh, rough. LIFE ON THE STREETS IS TOUGH.<br />

    <u>Scrafty</u>: One has to be crafty and full of guile to make it on the streets...<br />

    <u>Sigilyph</u>: Sigil (sign/ image with magic power) + glyph (same). It's a weird psychic bird thing that looks like one of those.<br />

    <u>Yamask</u>: Yama is the lord of the dead in Hindu/ Buddhist mythology. It's a dead thing in a mask.<br />

    <u>Cofagrigus</u>: Sarcophagus + egregious (ie, outstanding). Also has some coffin in there. It looks like a pharaoh's sarcophagus so it fits well!<br />

    <u>Tirtouga</u>: Corruption of Tortuga, or turtle in Spanish.<br />

    <u>Carracosta</u>: Carapace + Coast. Sea Turtles hit dem beaches a lot. Additionally, more pseudo-Spanish stuff going on.<br />

    <u>Archen</u>: Archeopteryx inspired, obviously. Simpler name because... I dunno!<br />

    <u>Archeops</u>: Archeopteryx inspired + more name!<br />

    <u>Trubbish</u>: Trash and rubbish.<br />

    <u>Garbodor</u>: Garbage + Luchador. He's a garbage man that looks vaguely like a luchador. Alternatively, just Garbage + the -ador part, so it's just a Garbager.<br />

    <u>Zorua</u>: Zorro (Fox in Spanish) + Rua (Red hair). It's a fox with red hair sooo<br />

    <u>Zoroark</u>: The above, plus it's DARK so Zoroark. They're evil illusory foxes ok.<br />

    <u>Minccino</u>: Mink + Chino cloth possibly. It's a mink with a clothing/ cloth/ fur theme so it works.<br />

    <u>Cicinno</u>: Chinchilla + Chino cloth. <br />

    <u>Gothita</u>: A little goth. Goth + Lolita. <img alt="" border="0" src="" title=":stare:" /><br />

    <u>Gothorita</u>: Goth + senorita.<br />

    <u>Gothitelle</u>: Goth + Mademoiselle. Also "tell", since it can see the future preow.<br />

    <u>Solosis</u>: A solo (single) + -sis (Latin for being in the "state" of, often dealing with biological processes). So it's a single cell existing alone.<br />

    <u>Duosion</u>: A duo/ splitting cellular structure. Yup.<br />

    <u>Reuniclus</u>: A nucleus of reunited structures. Also homunculus, a created man.<br />

    <u>Ducklett</u>: A SMALL DUCK<br />

    <u>Swanna</u>: A graceful swan.<br />

    <u>Vanillite</u>: A small vanilla icecream.<br />

    <u>Vanillish</u>: A biggerish vanilla icecream.<br />

    <u>Vanilluxe</u>: A deluxe vanilla icecream.<br />

    <u>Deerling</u>: A small deer. You could say it's an.... UNDEERLING.<br />

    <u>Sawsbuck</u>: This one is potentially very multi-layered. Sawbuck - A thing that holds wood to be sawn. Buck - male deer. SAWS is an acronym for the seasons. Yeaaaaaah.<br />

    <u>Emolga</u>: Corruption of the Japanese name. Emon = dressing/ drapery (flaps on the flying squirrel) + momonga (flying squirrel)<br />

    <u>Karrablast</u>: Karakauseli (escargot) + BLAST. It hunts escargot for their shells.<br />

    <u>Escavalier</u>: Cavalier (Knight) + Escargot (snail). It's a bug wearing a snail's shell so hey.<br />

    <u>Foongus</u>: Fungus.<br />

    <u>Amoongus</u>: A humongous fungus. Also A FUNGUS AMUNG US.<br />

    <u>Frillish</u>: A frilly jelly fish. It's royal so.<br />

    <u>Jellicent</u>: A magnificent jelly fish. It's royal so.<br />

    <u>Alomomola</u>: It's a mola mola (sunfish) that is motherly to stuff (MOM).<br />

    <u>Joltik</u>: Jolt + Tick (Which arachnids!)<br />

    <u>Galvantula</u>: Galvanize (stimulated with electricity) + Tarantula.<br />

    <u>Ferroseed</u>: A ferrous (iron) seed.<br />

    <u>Ferrothorn</u>: An iron thing with spikes.<br />

    <u>Klink</u>: ...<br />

    <u>Klang</u>: ...<br />

    <u>Klinkklang</u>: yesssss<br />

    <u>Tynamo</u>: A tiny dynamo.<br />

    <u>Eelektrik</u>: An electric eel/ lamprey/ leech.<br />

    <u>Eelektross</u>: A big electric eel/ lamprey. Albatross are the biggest birds so THERE YOU ARE.<br />

    <u>Elgyem</u>: A <b>L</b>ittle <b>G</b>reen <b>M</b>an. Term for aliens.<br />

    <u>Beheeyem</u>: A <b>B</b>ug <b>E</b>yed <b>M</b>onster. Again!<br />

    <u>Litwick</u>: A lit candle wick. <br />

    <u>Lampent</u>: A lamp here to take you to hell so repent your sins. Lamp + Repent.<br />

    <u>Chanelure</u>: A chandelier that lures your soul and burns it to a crisp.<br />

    <u>Axew</u>: Axe. Accent on the x here. Bladed dragon.<br />

    <u>Fraxure</u>: Fracture. Accent on the x again.<br />

    <u>Haxorus</u>: Hack + us to make it sound very dragon-y. If you didn't catch it, the x refers to cutting shit.<br />

    <u>Cubchoo</u>: A sneezing (achoo!) bear cub.<br />

    <u>Beartic</u>: An arctic bear.<br />

    <u>Cryogonal</u>: An octagonal snowflake cryin' like a babby. Cryo- also refers to cold/ freezing so M-M-MULTI PUN.<br />

    <u>Shelmet</u>: Shell + Helmet. It's a snail with a shell for a helmet.<br />

    <u>Accelgor</u>: Accelerate (because it's a ninja) + gor because it sounds cool probably.<br />

    <u>Stunfisk</u>: Because Stun Fish sounded too obvious. Also fisk is kind of insulting and this fish is probably insulted a lot.<br />

    <u>Mienfoo</u>: Mien (Appearance/ Behavior/ Personality) + Kung Fu. It does have the appearance of a Kung Fu Master. Mien is also an ethnic term for several Chinese ethnic groups, some of which immigrated heavily to the US (UNOVA)<br />

    <u>Mienshao</u>: Mien + Shao, which is a common Chinese surname refering to nobility/ royality.<br />

    <u>Druddigon</u>: It's a Ruddy Faced Dragon. Druddigon. <img alt="" border="0" src="" title=":D" /><br />

    <u>Golett</u>: It's a smaller golem. -Let is a diminutive suffix.<br />

    <u>Golurk</u>: A golem created by an ancient civilization and left to lurk on this earth.<br />

    <u>Pawniard</u>: Pawn (as in the Chess piece) + Poniard (A small sharp dagger). <br />

    <u>Bisharp</u>: Bishop (as in the Chess piece) + Sharp (AS IN ITS GONNA CUT YOU WITH ITS SHARP BLADES)<br />

    <u>Bouffalant</u>: Buffalo + Bouffant/ Bouffante. It's a buffalo with a puffy afro what do you want???<br />

    <u>Rufflet</u>: It's a ruffled/ fuzzy headed little eaglet.<br />

    <u>Braviary</u>: A BRAVE BIRD. It flies so its' Aviary. Brave + Aviary. BRAVIARY.<br />

    <u>Vullaby</u>: Vulture + Lullaby because it's a big ol' baby in an egg-shell.<br />

    <u>Mandibuzz</u>: Mandible (BONES) + Buzzard (you know, like vultures).<br />

    <u>Heatmor</u>: Heat + EATMORE because he's an anteater that loves to eat...<br />

    <u>Durant</u>: A durable ant. It's a steel type so yeah. It isn't very durable against ^^ though.<br />

    <u>Deino</u>: Ein (One in German) + Dino.<br />

    <u>Zweilous</u>: Zwei (Two in German) + Zealous.<br />

    <u>Hydreigon</u>: Drei (Three in German) + Hydra + Dragon.<br />

    <u>Larvesta</u>: Larva + Vesta (Greek Godess of the Hearth, symbolized by the sacred fire that burned eternally in her temples)<br />

    <u>Volcarona</u>: Volcano + Corona. It's sun-god moth found near volcanos so yeah<br />

    <u>Cobalion</u>: Cobalt, as in the metal and color. It's a steel type so yeah. Also a beast so -lion.<br />

    <u>Terrakion</u>: Terracota (color and material) + Lion. An Earth Beast, in other words.<br />

    <u>Virizion</u>: Viridian (Green)/ Viradarium (Garden) + Lion. A Plant Beast.<br />

    <u>Tornelos</u>: It's a tornado god.<br />

    <u>Voltolos</u>: It's a lightning god.<br />

    <u>Reshiram</u>: It's just a name. The shira in it is from shiro, or white. Re was used because it sounds softer, what since it's Ying.<br />

    <u>Zekrom</u>: It's just a name. The kro in it is from kuro, or black. Ze was used because it sounds harsher, what since it's Yang.<br />

    <u>Landlos</u>: It's a land god.<br />

    <u>Kyurem</u>: Kyuurei (rapid cooling) + Rei (Zero). It's a dragon of absolute zero cold/ so YUP. It's Wuji after all.<br />

    <u>Keldeo</u>: Name is from Kelp/ Kelpie, that ol' Celtic water horse.<br />

    <u>Meloetta</u>: Melody + etta (female suffix). As expected.<br />

    <u>Genesect</u>: A genetically engineered/ modified insect. Alternatively also a <b>GENOCIDAL</b> insect.</p>

    Event: Pokémon American Mall Tour Underway!

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    Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/277/Pokémon American Mall Tour Underway!">Pokémon American Mall Tour Underway!</a><p>

    A promotional tour for Black and White has already launched. If you're planning on attending the event, stop by our <a href="">forums</a> or contact us via <a href="">Twitter</a> and tell us your story. </p>


    The tour will take place in malls across America. A playable demo of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White will be available. There will also be a variety of activites that you can participate in as well as merchandise sold. </p>


    The prices for merchandise are as follows, <a href="">according to Shining Mew of SPPF</a>:</p>


    Zorua, Zoroark and Pikachu Poke Dolls ($10 each)<br />

    Oshawatt, Snivy and Tepig plush ($10 each) <br />

    Zorua, Zoroark, Pikachu, Reshiram, Zekrom, Oshawatt, Snivy and Tepig Tomy MC figures ($5 each)<br />

    Youth T-Shirts of Pikachu, Starters and Dragons ($20 each)<br />

    12" Dragon Plush ($20 each) <br />

    6" Large Dragon Figures ($10 each)</p>


    A Livejournal community has pictures of the event <a href="">here</a> and <a href="">here</a>.</p>


    You can find a complete listing of dates and locations at the official <a href="">site</a>.</p>

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