Project Pokémon Event Gallery is OPEN!

    By Guested,

    I'm happy to announce that the Project Pokémon Event Database has been re-opened as the Event Gallery!

    It contains the necessary WC files as well as a plethora of information and images about each event.

    It is still under construction, but all Generation V events so far have been added.

    Gen IV is coming next!

    Report any errors here.

    Contributions will work the same way here.

    New IRC policy

    By xorhash,

    Seeing how lately a lot of people have failed to use common sense, it's been decided (Read: I've taken it upon myself to come up with this and didn't even ask for staff confirmation) that these new policies would be introduced:

    Do not complain about your bans

    I mean it, we ban you for a reason, and with G around, it's always temporary (24 hours-ish, maybe 48 at worst). For serious offenders who just never listen and evade their bans so often that Guested or I lose count, we have so-called akicks to keep you out, a kickban on join, automatically. If you were banned, PMing the one who banned you is not a solution and probably just angers the ops more, and won't help you. Just quietly disappear, come back in a week or so, and everything should be alright again, just do not bug us about your ban from the channel.

    Being annoying is an offense

    Yes, you heard me. Being annoying can get you banned, and what's considered annoying is up to the ops, and not you. I actually don't really want to use this policy too often, but some users just don't get when it's a good moment to shut up.

    Do not evade your bans (This is probably somewhere in the forums rules, too, but I think I'll have to stress this one)

    You are not allowed to join the channel while you're banned/your akick is still standing. Doing so will probably just make it worse for you. If you've been keeping out for, like, six months, maybe someone will remove your ban if you ask very nicely and indirectly about it (Pro tip: Don't ask me unless you've started to type properly).

    If we ban you, we mean your entire family

    This means if your brother got you banned, I'm sorry, but you're banned, too. We don't care if it was your cat, your dog, Cthulu, your parents, it's not an excuse and we will not unban you or your family members. You are responsible for all activity that occurs on your IP address (negative activity in particular). This is unfair, but the only technically feasible method.

    Project Pokémon does NOT support CHEATING

    By Guested,


    We do not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. While this community contains research, information, and utilities allowing people to create their own pkm files, we do not agree with using them in matches such as Random Matchup.

    Using hacked pkm for private collections, in-game use, or battling with friends using the Union Room in local wireless or friends with whom you have exchanged Friend Codes (and are aware that your pkm are hacked) are acceptable uses.

    Using hacked pokemon in official Nintendo tournaments is against the rules of the tournament. If you give us an explicit reason to believe that you are cheating or plan to cheat in a tournament, sponsored by Nintendo or otherwise, we will issue a ban.

    In Black and White's Random Matchup feature, you are paired up with random opponents from around the world. Using hacked pokemon here is despicable because you are cheating against someone unknowingly and puts you at an unfair advantage, ESPECIALLY in Rating Mode where ratings are recorded and used to determine online leaderboards on the Global Battle Union portion of the Pokemon Global Link site. Mentioning hacking or cheating for Random Matchup will result in a thread deletion and an infraction for users who participate in the discussion.

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