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  1. How do I create a INI file from a GBA rom hack that I already have so my Gen 3 Tools program can read it? When I downloaded Gen 3 Tools, it came with Emerald and Fire Red INI files already saved in the Rom Data folder. However, this program currently can't read the rom hack I'm playing. I'm assuming the memory addresses and information is in different places, repointed etc.
  2. I'm having issues creating pokemon in the attached [REMOVED] rom hack (Fire Red Extended 3.5.1) by using this website (https://www.ppnstudio.com/maker/index.html) to do so. I can create the pokemon and it shows up in the box, but everytime I go to the summary screen to view the mon's info, the game crashes. Does anyone know a way around this?
  3. I'm reviewing the decomp of the code for Pokemon Fire Red and "1990" of the code in the pokemon.c file is listed as the line for Max Total EVs. Where would I find that in Hex Maniac Advance? I'm trying to see if I can manually remove the EV limit so I can go over it with vitamins as well. pokemon.c
  4. I found out that turning the below offsets on Pokemon Fire Red using Hex Maniac Advance removes the 510 effort value limit: On a normal Fire Red (Squirrels) it's 40 to C0 on 439E0 and FD 01 to F9 05 on 43A3C. I then went to the ev.vitamins option in Hex Maniac Advance and raised the amount that vitamins can give EVs from 99 (100 minus 1) to 254 (255 minus 1), however, it's still not letting me use vitamins to go over the 510 EV limit, even though I switched all of these flags to increase the total EV limit already and vitamin EV amount. It only lets you go over the 510 EV limit through battling. Does anyone have any experience doing this?
  5. I'd like to know if there's any effort value editing codes out there...i've seen max stat ones, but not ones for effort values
  6. I don't think that will work, I can't upload any sav file of a rom hack into PKHaX to edit any pokemon
  7. PKHaX is what I use normally, but it doesn't recognize data of anything past Gen III
  8. Does anyone know how to manually edit the effort values in Pokemon Emerald and FireRed so you can add 252 in any stat you want even if it's all of them? I'm playing rom hacks that use these as the base games which have Pokemon outside of Gen III so I can't use a save editor like Pokehex or Pokegen.
  9. Has anyone ever had an issue changing Xerneas' ability using PKHAX? Everytime I change it, it always reverts back to Fairy Aura when a battle ends. Doesn't seem to be effected when I withdraw/place in PC. This is for Omega Ruby - haven't tested it on other Gen 6+ games so far as it's the only one I currently have.
  10. I should have predicated in my original post that I'm playing some Emerald/Fire Red based rom hacks that have additional Pokemon in generations past Gen 3 where a save editor won't recognize them which is why I need to know the memory addresses so I can add the EVs I want to them.
  11. Does anyone know where the memory addresses are for the effort values so I can edit them in Pokemon Fire Red and Emerald? I'm having a tough time finding them.
  12. I run PokeGen through Wine Crossover and it works fine. PKHex still doesn't work through any program unless if you have Parallels, but can't just run it on the Mac itself.
  13. Hello, I've attached a cheat table for Pokemon Unbound that is compatible with Cheat Engine that used to work for me until I got a new M1 Macbook Pro back in June. I upgraded from a 2009 Macbook Pro. I've heard this no longer works due to this being created for an x86 based process and isn't compatible with the AARCH64 that M1 Macs have. The memory locations are completely different. Would anyone know how I can convert this cheat table to use on M1 Mac if possible to update the memory locations? Thanks Pokemon_Unbound_2.0.3.2_V2.1.CT
  14. Did anyone find a fix for this? I just got a M1 Mac and running 12.4 Monterey. I used the same programs winebottler, wineskin, crossover and even PlayonMac and none of them worked. Pokegen works however.
  15. Has anyone come across an issue getting PkHex (save editor) to even load for them? I've never been able to get it started before. I keep coming across a "unhandled exception" error message everytime I've tried to open it, it will tell me that then immediately close. I tried it again today with the latest version update 11-27 and still have this same issue. Was wondering if anyone out there has experienced this.
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