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  1. Is there a program that can be used to calculate the IVs of Pokémon from Colosseum and XD based on their stats and nature? When I googled it, I found this: http://shaym.in/apps/iv_checker but I don't see the method Colosseum and XD use (unless it's J or K).
  2. If you're willing to trade Mewtwonite Y, too, I'll throw in the Regis and the Swords of Justice. I don't have Azelf, it turns out. I can trade Synchronize Elgyem of any nature, though.
  3. Is anyone willing to trade a Mewtwonite X on Gen 7? I'm willing to trade the Lake Trio and maybe a Stakataka in exchange.
  4. The next hour would be nice. Aegislash.pk6 Bisharp.pk6 Charizard.pk6 Greninja.pk6 Metagross.pk6 Rotom.pk6 May I know your FC?
  5. I only know how to format them as pk7. Aegislash.pk7 Bisharp.pk7 Charizard.pk7 Greninja.pk7 Metagross.pk7 Rotom.pk7
  6. Thanks. Just so you know, I don't play SM; I'd like them traded to Alpha Sapphire. Also, am I supposed to use met at level 0 or 1 if they're hatched? Never mind; I found out it's supposed to be at 1.
  7. FC: 3841-1122-0767 Stats: Modest Level 100 384 HP 212 Attack 214 Defense 438 Special Attack 310 Special Defense 237 Speed IVs: 31 HP 31 Attack 29 Defense 31 Special Attack 25 Special Defense 31 Speed EVs: 174 HP 252 Special Attack 84 Speed Trading for: 6IV Timid Shiny Charizard 6IV Adamant/Jolly Shiny Metagross 5IV Hidden Power Ice Modest Rotom 6IV Adamant Bisharp 6IV Timid Shiny Greninja 6IV Adamant Shiny Aegislash
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