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  1. Adobe Photoshop CS3 was primarily my longest used until CS4 launch-day.
  2. I just started doing this, but if I can have someone else to see if Common GBA (Unrestricted) or something similiar is ok as Type, then it should be legit. Only did Regirock. The Regi's can't be shiny because not even those don't exist in the game. They would be considered hacked, unless you want the unlegit version, I'll provide you with both. Regirock-hackedversion.pkm Regirock-legitversion.pkm
  3. I don't think PokeSAV can open the .sav file located in your game. You just create your own. Save As makes a new .sav file. Just put that one over and use that one.
  4. PID Generators so you can have legit pokemon. Not legit pokemon pretty much isn't allowed like in Wi-Fi and all that.
  5. Perfectly legal. (Confirmed with Legality Checker)
  6. Hello, Deathwatch, welcome to PP. Darklord played a trick on you, that one made me LOL. Anyhow welcome. My Thread
  7. Welcome, Freespirit to PP. I too was a lurker for some years until I joined. PP is a very productive community. I'm new here just like you, and let's welcome you. My Thread
  8. XboxOmac


    Hi, Zorlax, and welcome to PP. I've just joined too, except I got ahold of SoulSilver already, and I got to tell you, it is very worth the money. My Thread
  9. Hello, all. I just joined this site, primarily because I love modifying games into my own way. If you'd like to know what my favorites are: Raquaza Salamence Dragonite I would like to know everybody, too and hope to serve well here.
  10. I already beat the game many times, so don't assume I'm new to Diamond, Pearl, etc. I created a new sav and I've checked my Pokemon with the Legality Checker. They are valid and all. Now what I wanted to do is to start off the game without going through Professor Ronan's tutorial or like in doing the game all together. I changed my map location through Pokesav' and I chose Pal Park. When I start up the game with this sav, it takes me to a new game. How can I start off with this save without really having to do the story?
  11. I just started doing this today. Apparently, with the Legality Checker, it was proved all wrong except the first I think. I would like to know how to be doing this correctly, but I would like for the first 6 to be done by someone. Can someone teach me how to do this correctly without asking along the way? I don't want to be too annoying. The Pokemon are going to be transferred to Pokemon Battle Revolution, and I've seen "Bad Eggs" happen when OP Pokemon, or something. EDIT: I tried doing this on my own and I managed to get everything valid. If everything is valid, it doesn't appear as a bad egg in Pokemon Battle Revolution, right?
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