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  1. Just delete/release/move out the black pokeball glitchmon from your boxes and Home will restart to work properly Or at least I hope so
  2. Do you have "missingno" in Pokemon Sword? You know, the glitchmon that allow you to duplicate pokemons. The one with a black pokeball sprite. If yes, delete it. Or if you can't, place it in the team or nursery. That same crash happens if you have glitchmon on Sword boxes, I don't know if this is the case, just checking. Anyway, you can also try to create a new profile on the switch, start a new game on sword and depositate all the pokemon on home in that save file, then try again to transfer between the old save file
  3. Not an actual Released Event, but here there are SOFO Celebi and ARENA Pikachu from Italian Colosseum. These events are programmed into the Bonus Disc leftovers inside the PAL Colosseum. For reference, you can find detailed instruction on how to redeem them in this post: Downloads: 251 - CELEBI - 6891F0759DAF.ck3 025 - PIKACHU - 998DCB52AB54.ck3 I'm not toally sure, but i think there is also a working multiboot rom for GBA Link cable. Will do some test in the future. Screenshots:
  4. Here's my savefile, ready to claim Mount Battle Ho-Oh. All Pokémon Purified, Metagross is missing because i RNGed it to be Square Shiny and then used it to be my Ribbon Master. To get Ho-Oh, simply go to Battle Mode, select Continue and confirm. Beat the last trainer and claim your reward. Ho-Oh will fill the last slot in your party. SAVE AT LEAST ONCE IN STORY MODE before continue the Mount Battle challange in Battle Mode, or the game will fail to save after beating M. Battle. Save is in PAL format (Italian), but you can convert it to NTSC-U or NTSC-J with Game Cube Save Converter. 01-GC6P-pokemon_colosseum_01.gci
  5. If you will generate a Pokémon that was originally distributed through HOME, it will never be fully legal. If you put that Pokémon from SwSh to HOME, the tracker will indicate the origin of that Pokémon from Sword or Shield, and not from Home. So... in order to obtain ful legal (and legit this time) Pokémon for Home Distribution, you have to own an actual subscribe to the app. P.S: This applies also to Legendary / Mythical Pokémon that should be transferred from past generation.
  6. You can use TWL on an Hacked 3DS to export your save file and edit it:
  7. Read this topic: it think it will be useful
  8. You can safely transfer Shiny Celebi from Crystal VC to Bank. Or trade him between games and bring him to SwSh
  9. Pokemon Home from the Mobile Version is still working? Can I ask you what kind of ban do you have and how you get banned? (or the actions you think have triggered the ban) Thanks! I think your report will be useful for many people.
  10. Sysbot is a thing and it is safe to use (you are only trading pokemon). Anyway, a Sysbot release for the last game update is not publicly released yet. And to use it you have to going through a Queue that sometimes is very long. Would be much convenient and faster using two switch. If you're intention was to run a private Sysbot, well you have to use CFW online. Anyway, Sysnand CFW does not actually cause a direct ban. No one has been banned only to run Atmosphere so far. A lot of user in this forum are going online while on Sysnand CFW. It all depends on what you do while on CFW. Pirating games or any other NSP / XCI is a ban. Changing the theme may be result in a ban (conflicting testimonies about that). Online cheating may be result in a ban (not for pokemon at the moment, see how many users use edited Rom online for hacked raids or use a Sysbot, but that may change in the future). I also have seen report of banned users after a crash of some Homebrew, but also here it's more a questionable thing about if it's true or not. Anyway, if you want to keep your Sysnand completely clean, look at this
  11. At the time I used Ninjhax, I think soundhax does not need an internet connection, but I don't know exactly how it works. Just follow the steps and be sure to be on the right firmware. Ntrboot, for instance, is offline and works for all the firmware.
  12. Please do not multi-post. Just follow the steps and read the entire guide https://3ds.hacks.guide/
  13. You can use this to hack your 2ds https://3ds.hacks.guide/ I suggest you check point to menage your save games: https://github.com/FlagBrew/Checkpoint/releases Ps. I don't know if it was intentional but you took the same profile picture as @theSLAYER
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