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    This save is awesome it help me alot with the missing event pokemon. It's a shame people are using this save to sell it on places like etsy to make money.
  1. hello is this event on any region of the game? first time i heard about this pokemon.
  2. I get this error when I add the pokemon to pkhx
  3. Hello does any one have a save file with all alcremie forms.
  4. I have an android device and just complited my national pokedex yesturday. after transfering the last pokemon from my sword game to finish the dex. I saved and exit the pokemon home app on the switch. The a coule of minutes later I open pokemon home in my android phone. I got two errors I forgot to write them down so I dont know what they were, but after the second error the app open thats when i check my gift boxed and I didnt have the magearna eather.also i check my recent transfer pokemon and aroun more than 10 were deleted. including some I transfer to complete my dex. If i check the pokedex those pokemon that got deleted are showing as register so my dex is at 890. I was able to complete the unown challange i see that completetd.
  5. thank you. so based on your answer they are legal. thanks i just wanted to make sure. also thanks for the help. since i download the shinny solgaleo and lunala from the file you uploaded.
  6. thats the problem i never traded in the other games. And this is the first pokemon gam i have added pokemon with a save file or a program. so this is why i have this question. as they answer pokemon home seen to see it as legitimite as legal. but what about sword and shield? you say is the ribbon but hw do i know if its seeing the pokemon as legal or iligal? thanks again. like i mention im new to trading so i just want to know.
  7. thank you for answering. so home sees them as legitimate. as your answer thells and a way to say is because im not able to add them to gts trade part of pokemon home right? Now in pokemon sword and shield you say they are seem illegitimate as you answer. But if i open the y - comm in shield and try to do a suprice trade and choose my shinny solgaleo it says its " you cant trade this pokemon in suprice trade because this pokemon is special" so does this mean it is bein seen as legitimate ?
  8. so you were able to transfer your legit shinny solgaleo to pokemon home? if so can you transfer it to pokemon sword and shield? -merged, don't multipost- hello i have a question so base on the files you provide for the shinny solgaleo and lunala to add to pokemon ultra sun and moon through pkhex. if we are using this files do they count as a legit obtain shinny solgaleo and lunala? i ask this because I was able to add them to my ulra soon safe file. The was able to transfer them to pokebank and pokemon home. from here to my sword game. GTS snd suprice trade have them locked i get a special pokemon message. So does this mean they are seem by the game as legally obtain pokemon?
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