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  1. You probably running emuNAND cfw, that's a separate copy of your sysNAND
  2. No idea what happened but you should use your savefile instead of the nsp
  3. It is never recommended to follow video tutorials as they may be outdated. 3ds.guide has all possible ways to install cfw and is always updated
  4. Only Alolan Dugtrio can learn Iron Head
  5. arti

    Primarina issue

    Found the next pokemon that's illegal while pkhex displays legal 026-01 ★ - Raichu - 9A640E723E5A.pk8 Edit: I think it was already fixed on github. The issue is that Pikachu can only evolve into Alolan Raichu on Alola and this one was born in Galar.
  6. Have you renamed the save to "main"?
  7. One is enough. (I would even say you pirate the game as you won't play it) *cough*
  8. The saves of 3DS games were stored inside the cartridge, while for Switch games the save is in the Switch's memory. You need access to homebrew to extract the save file. Running any form of homebrew can result in a ban, so the best / safest way to gen Pokemon for Sword and Shield is owning a second Switch and trade the Pokemon from the modded Switch to the clean Switch.
  9. It was made in November 2017 and edited in November 2017, so what do you think?
  10. I think Pikachu-Original and Pikachu-Alola are missing. Instead there are two similar Pikachu-Partner
  11. arti

    Primarina issue

    That just gave me hope, thank you. I should be fine as I never ran any homebrew on my Switch, I always modify the save through hacdiskmount
  12. arti

    Primarina issue

    people were also banned for just running homebrew / cfw
  13. arti

    Primarina issue

    damn now I will pray that this won't ban me
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