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  1. Ohhh. From what I read online I understood it this way: In order to edit pokemon in a den and share them online(with my second switch) and for example let marshadow appear, I'd need to get myself a rom dump and also access to the romfs and exefs since I need to replace the pokemon within the dens spawn list with the ones I want. Is that also possible via the save file editing ? Edit: Ait since noone seems to know anything else this can be closed now.
  2. Hi everyone o/ So I trying to extract my dumped PKMN Shield version using hactool, but it's giving me an error regarding my keys, it also says that my prod.keys data isn't there but it is. Prod.keys, title.keys and keys.dat (I read somewhere during my search that it maybe needs Keys.dat and that I just should rename my prod.keys). I used Atmosphere to dump my ROM in 4 pieces and also patched them back together again at the PC. I also got my latest keys using Lockpick RCM but they still don't seem to work seeing this when I start: Reason I want to do this in the first place is tha
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