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    One of the best and most updated save file if you want to start working on you pokemon on SwSh!thanks
  1. Ho guys ! I am new Activd member of the forum ... I used to lurk around for the last years . Since I am new, I probably have lot , to many question , even stupid one, because I started to hem with switch and SwSh. With the nintendo switch , once you HB it , you use a save game to edit and then pass through trade the genned POKEMon to another game /console . With the 3ds that I just modify , I inserted my main game cartridge with the game already started , and it look like I can modifiy the save without problem . ... is there any bad indication with it ? Or it’s better if I gen on a different game and then trade the pokemon to a my main game ( for legal check purpose maybe ?
  2. the bulbasaur and squirtle line for the SwSh save is not legal..?
  3. Hi everyone. as a long time pokemon player, i am quite happy to be here , tring to ufold every secret of this aspect of the game :D
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