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  1. How does this exe work? if I drag my pk8 file onto it nothing happens, how can I solve this?
  2. Yes, I think you'll get better results with those 2
  3. Maybe you can set the country to you own one(I don't know if that will work) it is currently set to the Netherlands. And make sure you only transfer the Pokémon in the box named events for shiny Melmetal and use the box named rare shinies for non shiny Melmetal. I didn't give the pokémon in the other boxes the proper stats so thats why they'll probably appear as an black pokéball. I hope this works
  4. Ehm, do you live in the us? If that is so maybe you can set the region of the save file to America.(it is on europe right now) message me if it helped.
  5. The if you transfer the 'mon from box 29 till 32 to sword it will work. the 'mons in the other boxes don't work. (you have to rename the file to: "main" main5
  6. Hello does anyone know how to het the gen8 ids for the batch editor. There is an post on this forum with all the ids until gen 7 but none on gen8. I particularly want to know the id for the rusted sword and rusted shield. Thanks in advance
  7. Okay, you are fantastic, thank you so much. It worked for me I now finally have Melmetal in pokémon shield. Your method worked perfect. The only issue I have is that in PKhex it gives the error: "Invaled: incorrectly transferred from previous generation" But this seems to be no problem in game. Once again thank you so much.
  8. That is the problem, I don't have a hacked a switch and I don't want to get banned online. But here is my pk7 save file(I have a hacked 3ds) if you can do anything with that. I transferred box 28 to my switch. main
  9. Hello I wanted to hack in melmeltal in Pokemon Um so I can transfer it to pokemon shield. So I got the melmetal and it al seemed to be fine when I got the pokémon in home. But now I transferred it to shield. I can use it in battles but not online and when I look at it in the boxes it shows an black pokeball sprite instead of the melmetal sprite. Is there anyway I can solve this? Thanks in advance for your reactions
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