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  1. If Home detects a pokemon cloned by the tracker, does it simply delete it or is it at risk of banning it?
  2. I used PkHex to complete my dex. Now I would like to know if I can change my league card information. Shows that I have the full Dex, but only 40 pokemons captured, is there any way to edit this?
  3. Can i use this Capture Sight online? or no?
  4. @theSLAYER how can i install this Capture Sight? Im looking for a tutorial but don't found anything
  5. Thanks, I got it ... I was in the game opened one with wishing piece the way I wanted to give it by pkhex opened others and changed the parameters left the same as the one I generated and it worked.
  6. but how you can make the raid doesnt disappear? when i set my raid with PkHex there appear but after avance one day she disappear and i cant start count frames...
  7. My Pokemons always are legal but i download the new version of PkHex and these pokemons appear like Ilegal with this code: "Invalid: Console Region" But i always use this pokemons include for trade, i don't know how solve this
  8. So what you need is someone make your team and send you by trade?
  9. do you know how i change this information on bat editor?
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone, This is the Pokemon pack I'm making for my save. It includes several competitive's Pokemons, some gigantamax, japanese dittos with all natures, the initials and the legendary Pokemons released untill now for Pokemon Sword and Shield. I want to keep updating as I add new pokemons. Hope you like it.
  11. I've been testing here again and you need to put in the right memories too. Where you can find this information I do not know, but for mine I'm downloading the ones that posted here on the site and follow their base and make my equals there get my information and are legal if you take a look at the downloads you will see that almost all gigantamax already have to download just download them and make yours based on those
  12. To correct this error you have to put everything correctly. For example the butterfree it is found in on the Hammerlocke Hills (in a wild area) and the level you capture it has to be 70 if not correct it doesn't make the pokemon legal
  13. try to reroll them all and check. You don't have to import the save again in the game, you can just reroll the pokemons into the save. saving the main and opening again in pkhex will already show if they are there or not.
  14. I had this problem too. For me it resolved by rerolling the PID and the OT misc tab in encryption as well. This has to reroll each pokemon. Doing this to me the pokemons kept on save.
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