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Pokémon Ranger - Guardian Signs 1.0.0

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(All saves have been given the Event missions through the Mission Injection Tool by sinbad.the.saile)

Start them in the Main Menu -> Ranger Net -> Play a New Mission


Save 1: Beginning:

Ben was pursuing two Pokémon Snatchers, who were attempting to capture Latios! While attempting to save Summer, he fell off his Staraptor and narrowly escaped death.

Ben must head north to return to civilization...a Pichu, native to the island waits for him...


Save 2: Mission 1: Teakwood Forest:

The Pokémon Pinchers have returned! Head north and then to the west to Teakwood Forest to stop them from capturing more Pokémon...


Save 3: UFO:

After the sudden Appearance of Raikou and Celebi, Ben returned to Cocona Village to repair Pichu's broken Ukulele. In the East of the village, a young girl wants to examine the "U.F.O's" the Snatchers were using...


Save 4: Summer

Despite the extreme success in the Old Mansion, Ben must negotiate a prisoner exchange with the Snatchers. Trade Blue Eyes for Summer.

Although Red Eyes is playing fairly, many grunts may attempt to free Blue Eyes...


Save 5: Volcano

With an upgraded Ukulele for Pichu and an upgraded Styler for Ben, Ben is more certain of success than ever!

Quickly! Ben and Summer must hurry to the summit of Faldera Volcano to rescue Moltres!


Save 6: Surprise!:

Head north to the Cocona Village Plaza to receive a surprise!


Save 7: Chaos!:

With the truth of the Snatchers revealed, Ben and Summer now face the ancient terror, that laid waste to Oblivia!


Save 8: Final Battle!:

Prepare for the final confrontation against "The Thinker" with his most powerful Pokémon!





What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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