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About this blog

News, updates, and other things about developing Sky Editor, which is a save and ROM editor for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

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I have a new development build of Sky Editor ready. Since Build 33, the following changes have been made:

  • Add: UI for editing held items in Friend Rescue
  • Add: Controls for parameters for adding new items are enabled or disabled as appropriate
  • Fix: New held items aren't saved

Download (Log in as a guest if prompted)

There's a lot that needs to be done before the next version of Sky Editor can be fully released. However, I intend to keep releasing development builds until then. If there's a particular feature you'd like to see in a development build, please vote in the poll or leave a comment below.



I'm working on releasing a new version of Sky Editor at some point. I currently have no ETA, because the new version will come with a pretty heavy refactor, and things are currently a bit unstable. However, I have a development version ready for anyone who wants to try the latest features. 

This version (Build 33) comes with the following enhancements to inventory management for PMD: Explorers of Sky save files:

  • View and Edit the stack size of stack-able items like sticks and rocks
  • View and Edit the contained item of a box
  • View and Edit what a Used TM used to teach


Disclaimer: Back up your save files before using this. This may corrupt saves for PMD: Explorers of Sky, and this will corrupt saves for PMD: Red and Blue Rescue Team and PMD: Explorers of Time and Darkness. Use this at your own risk.

Download (Log in as a guest if prompted for login)

If you encounter any problems, please let me know by commenting on this blog post, opening an issue on GitHub, or by sending me a PM.


Project Pokémon now has blogs. As the creator of Sky Editor and admin of Project Pokémon, I've moved the Sky Editor blog to Project Pokémon.

I'm currently rewriting the save editing library in C# so I can finally move away from the PCL project towards a .Net Standard project that can target both .Net Standard and the .Net Framework. I tried the lastest VS2017 preview which supposedly supports Visual Basic in .Net Standard; however it lacks understanding of basic VB features such as the "vbCRLF" constant and inferred variable types The advantage of multiple framework targets is that any .Net Framework applications that reference SkyEdtior.SaveEditor will no longer have to carry around all of those those .Net Core DLLs. Last week I introduced this same change to PKHeX, and so far it's working well.

After rewriting the save editing library, I'll likely keep the WPF UI in VB. I do, however, intend to touch some things up, perhaps finally getting around to adding item management features such as editing what's inside of a Box, or what a Used TM used to be.

As always, please feel free to suggest new features, since I'm more likely to prioritize suggestions.

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