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  1. when will the next update come? because there are some pokemon that cannot be legalized in pkhex, such as the Papa Zarude now. Or do you want to wait with the new update for Brillant Diamond and Shining Pearl?
  2. Error message: PAPA(dad? iam not know how it is in englisch) Zarude is not legal. it would be nice if an update came that would make it legal.
  3. hey guys. i have a problem. i cant edit the IV stats from Galar Lavados, Zapdos and Articuno even if I only want to swap two values and leave them, or take a random IV, ALWAYS comes:
  4. i dont understand anything here as a normal user......
  5. Hey i have catch a necrozma in the crown tundra... now i want to make it shiny but...now it comes static encounter shiny mismatch BUT the shiny hunting for this pokemon is possible
  6. okay and this? the shiny is legal but the normal therer comes this message
  7. i only want to make a pokemon shiny with egg hatching but the only mark it has, is the shiny star.
  8. okay at me...same problem but if i cant see the value change option below the second nature...
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