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  1. I have started to select pokemon from all over the world for a project that I want to do, it is a pokemon reserve of which I have no idea how to do it since it will be an app and I am not sure how I will do it, based on it must be layers of read .pkx formats and place these pokemon inside it in specific areas according to the pokemon, This is just a warning, I do not know when it starts to do it also now with the new update I will have a lot to do with my dear absol !! But I would appreciate if someone can send me some Pokemon 3D models ... I would be grateful.
  2. Alguien tiene idea si los pokemon en 7G podran ser migrados a LGEP? es que estoy pensando comprar una pokeball para mi Absol Somebody know if pokemon in 7G can migrate in the future to Lets Go? . think buy a pokeball for my Absol
    Sorry for my bad english Thank you for this Pokemons More for Colection... In this files existed any pokemon of Pokemon Go?
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