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  1. Thank you! I couldn't get PKHeX to run so this really helps
  2. Didn't want to necro an existing thread on this topic, but I have 2 MYSTRY Mews and wanted to check their legality and PIDs. I can't figure out how to look for them in the provided file, so I was wondering if someone could help me out. I figured out their stats+other info if it helps identify them: Mew (1): OTG: Male Nature: Sassy Hidden Power: Fighting HP: 30 Atk: 20 Def: 14 Sp.Atk: 4 Sp. Def: 6 Spe: 30 Mew (2): OTG: Female Nature: Jolly Hidden Power: Rock HP: 9 Atk: 18 Def: 14 Sp.Atk: 13 Sp. Def: 10 Spe: 6 Any help is appreciated
  3. Here's something to help you (and anyone else who's interested): https://sta.sh/01e8ji836ni5 I made some blanks for new portraits. Keep in mind that if you want to add them to the game, you need to make sure they use at least or less than 16 colors and be indexed, 4bpp pngs with a size of 40x40.
  4. Neato I hope I'll be able to play with this soon. I've been attempting some pokemon sprites (gen 5 and up) and an attempt at giving Mareep special starter animation sprites. Does this just cover the pokemon sprites and status effects, or will you be able to do the overworld and special effects as well?
  5. There's apparently a bug in NA Sky with Luminous Spring; if you try to evolve a pokmemon that has its normal name or a nickname of exactly 10 characters the game will freeze (unless it was the last one recruited). It's fixed in all other versions, just NA has this issue. Video: [video=youtube;lpgvbDEFaRU]
  6. Nice find Gracidea! I wonder if Luminous Spring's 10 character name bug could be looked into from there and possibly fixed as well.
  7. I remember playing a demo of at Shopko a long time ago that took place at the Cipher Key Lair. You had like a couple of Ultra Balls and I think a few Net Balls or so, and your pokemon were Parasect and Gardevoir (may have been another psychic type, but not sure) both at level 40. You couldn't leave the area, but I think an NPC (I think it was Professor Krane) explained to you how to catch shadow pokemon (using Spore with Parasect for example) and the first one you encountered was a shadow Shellder. When you entered the lab you encountered a peon with a shadow Butterfree and Tangela (might've been an additional peon with no shadow pokemon, but I don't remember). The demo ended after you snagged all 3 and talked to the NPC. This was before I knew what E3 was.
  8. There was a demo version of the game with these two? I could've sworn there was (and I played) a demo where you had a Parasect and Gardevoir(?) (might've been a Tangela, don't remember).
  9. Does that include dungeons, the main world HUB, and some areas in cut scenes tied to dungeons? Or just dungeons in general?
  10. Just got up to Miror B. and beat him (caught Jirachi in one go too) This hack is amazing~ all the shadow mons fit the trainers pretty well so far (except for Miror B., why Jirachi and not a Ludicolo? ;p) Now something weird happened to my Altaira as I was making my way to Miror B.; I had all my shadow mons in hyper mode so I wouldn't have much trouble for the fight, and during a battle Altaira snapped out of Hyper Mode by itself (box even came up and said "ALTARIA came to its senses.") Idk if you modified something like this (unlikely) but I never knew that was even possible before. Weird. Can you actually set certain shadow pokemon to be shiny 100% of the time?
  11. I patched the game exactly as Hawluchamp did. Now it seems the issue is gone after messing around with the settings a bit. Huh. Now I can play Though there is this issue now: I tried to save at the PC and it says the Memory Card in Slot A is corrupted and needs to be formatted. I know I can use save states instead, but is there a way to fix this or should I just go save states all the way? Also, I noticed mellowbusiness mentioned in the pastebin that Umbreon had Shield Dust as its ability now, but my game says Synchronize.
  12. I wanna give Masoleum a try, but when I run the game on Dolphin I get a black screen. The sound is playing so the game's on, but there's no picture.
  13. Oh geez, I wish I knew that earlier D: I'm kinda worried about some portraits I made now, whether they'd actually work or not (I can't really use DeSmuME to check them out myself as it heats up my computer and tends to lag pretty bad...)
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