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  1. The file size is 512 kB I think the issue was just the file type actually. Thank you both for your help! What kinda makes me wonder is why it won’t go back on the cartridge from the action replay. It works perfectly fine with diamond and pearl. Anyways I’m at work right now but I’ll try that converter later today and post my results. Also, does anyone know how to tell which revision a Pokémon cart is? I know platinum has at least one and I want it to be compatible with desmume.
  2. I'm trying to edit a Pokemon Platinum .duc file I pulled from my Action Replay Dsi. However, when I open it with Pokegen it only shows a few pokemon, even though it says almost all of the boxes are full. Any help? Also, when I try to open the file in PKHex, an error comes up that says the file size is unsupported.
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