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  1. That's really interesting, huh. Does that mean Hall of Origin Arceus from Diamond are allowed through? There's probably another check for ribbons, though. Either way, good to know it's not really a problem. Most PKHeX pokemon are more legit than stuff on wonder trade these days anyway lmao
  2. I see. That doesn't seem like that much more of a distinction than DNS exploit gifts imo, but if the game says it's fine I don't really care lmao. I just knew bank flagged the Hall of Origin Arceus and wondered if it would do a similar thing here.
  3. By legal, do you mean like, by a technicality, or "the game knows this pokemon shouldn't exist in this state and doesn't let it into bank/home?" If it's the latter, would just injecting an otherwise identical copy bypass this?
  4. I plan to hack my 3s within the next month or so. One of my favorite event pokemon in the Red Genesect, but there was never an american distibution for it. What will happen if I use the japanese wonder card to try and add it to an american game through PKHeX? For that matter, what about the Bolt Strike/Blue Flare Victini or the V-Create Rayquaza? Sorry if this is a super obvious question, I genuinely have no idea how this stuff works lmao
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