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  1. there.. 640 - Virizion - AF603CC470AC.pk8639 - Terrakion - 8469C876ABA5.pk8638 - Cobalion - 6D1F25994AE7.pk8638 - Cobalion - 6D1F25994AE7.pk8
  2. you need to meet Sonia on the outskirts of Freezingtown unnder a tree, then after the cutscene will trigger a event wich you will have to find evidence footprints around the wild area, it looks almost like a sparkling item but you can see is a footprint, they are kinda easy to find, there are 150 footprint total, 50 for each pokemon, each footprint count as 2%, remember there are 3 set of 50 diferent footprint names the progress will count separately, in one of the freezing town houses you can meet sonia again talk to her to check the footprint progress, when you find 50 footprints 100% of one
  3. i think pkhex didn't update that yet, there is a lot of stuff wich need to be updated yet lmao, let's wait a little
  4. there are many users having problems to send mons from GO to HOME and they are stucked in HOME....
  5. sooo at the end dynamax adventure legendary can only be star shiny wich is fair enough.
  6. celebi is only available without any kind of events in VC
  7. the dlc was officialy launched month ago? no one has the dlc data a month ago, unless nintendo is working here, ofc the pkhex is not working with new stuff, you need to be patient, the coding is not easy, don't complain you can even use it for free
  8. be patient and wait a week, is always the same with new games/updates.
  9. genessect is not catchable as victini, is only available as mistery gift with cherish ball, you can just inject genessect in your save(?
  10. i think he means a wild spawn code...
  11. will see what i can do to replicate it and check it, dont have moded switch yet, maybe someone can help me to check it*, will reply when i have the data replicated >.<
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