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  1. I don't know if it's against the rules but does someone have a code that is willing to share? Here in Portugal we didn't had the event Thanks in advance and sorry if it's against the rules!
  2. Did he ever said something? It would be nice to have an Australian event Mew
  3. Never heard about that ASH Mew but the UK one is documented despiste the fact that we don't have any. I hope that those are legit and that someone can dump them for you!!! Looking foward for them EDIT: Maybe the ASH one you got from the glitch?
  4. In spite of that we have Celebi's from Pokemon Center New York and from the European Tour if you are interested...
  5. Only 100 were distributed, how did we get 7 of them? Just wondering...
  6. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has them, if I did I would ask them myself... I don't know them and I'm not asking you to do that but asking never brings anything bad, I think. I know there are people out there who want events to be private but I guess we can always try!
  7. Has anyone tried yet? Maybe someone who knows japanese could try!
  8. I know that but I was looking for one distributed in an event. Thanks anyway!!
  9. We have here in Project Pokemon several event Pokemon in very different formats, in individual data (.pk), as WonderCards (.wc) and even as gifts (.pgf). With that it is possible to complete the Pokedex in all generations and all languages available but there is one exception. We don't have access to Celebi in Gen II japanese games as it isn't possible to trade from an european language game. So, what I want to do here is appealing for people who may have one Japanese gen II event Celebi to share with everyone to preserve the last missing piece in terms of Pokedex completition in all games. Thank you!
  10. I just used this GBA because I wanted to trade some Pokemon from my Ruby. Never expected that the GBA problem would happen in the precise moment the game was saving. I can back up the save tomorrow. When i turn on the game it says that my save file was deleted. I think it will save as normal if I start all over again. But there isn't any way to fix the deleted save, is it? If your answer in negative I will restart the game as there isn't any need for me to backup the save...
  11. It is a real cart. The problem is the GBA itself, it sometimes does this and crashes. My other GBA is fine and doesn't do this. The thing is that this time the GBA did this while I was saving... I guess the save is gone forever...
  12. Hi! I was playing Pokemon Leafgreen on my GBA SP and while saving it showed a error message "Save Failed. Checking backup memory". But nothing more happened... I turned the GBA off and turned it on again and it said that my save file was deleted... I had several hours into the game, is there a way to recover it? I can backup the save to PC with a DS Lite. Please help and thanks for your time...
  13. You welcome. I just want do add that you can't receive a Eon Ticket from a R/S that got the Eon Ticket by mixing records themselves. The R/S must have a Eon Ticket obtained in event or E-reader.
  14. The only way to get Eon Ticket in Emerald is mixing records with a R/S that got the ticket from the e-Reader or event.
  15. Yeah, @Deoxyz this really needs further investigation regarding the legitimacy.That Zubat is really weird xD On the other side, Typhlosion can really be legit, if someone is going to gen a Pokemon to seem legit, they wouldn't name it wrongly I guess...
  16. I already have some projects of my own at the time and I don´t have a DS/DS Lite But when I manage to get some time i´ll try to help
  17. I just discovered this today. I have used Desmume to Migrate some Pokemon a few years ago and I must be honest, I don´t really understand much of the things that you say here XD. But my question is: Does Desmume do the migration like on real hardware? Thanks in advance
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