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  1. Thanks in advance I can trade some Go stuff or a shiny caterpie I caught in exchange.
  2. Oh, whoops! I can trade it to them if they want.
  3. Here you go! 691 ★ - Dragalge - 1F95D6BC50EF.pk7
  4. https://sav2vc.fm1337.com/ this tool should work if you don't want to bust out a hex editor.
  5. This the one you are looking for?
  6. In theory, you are correct. In practice, it's a bit wonkier than that. The old event carts would generate the pokemon, but for some reason would set the origin game to Ruby. Try and set it in Pkhex to Emerald, Pkhex should automatically tell you if it's one of those specific "ruby" events or not. The legality checker is a godsend and will usually give you a good guideline as to what is legal or not.
  7. Pkhex shouldn't damage your save file. As for your Treeko event, I think that certain event pokemon in gen 3 force a certain game to be the origin, regardless of the game it was received in. So yeah, that might have an effect on legality.
  8. Having this same issue, it only allows you to hit them if you use a ghost, bug, or dark type move. If I didn't have a pokemon with dark type moves I would have been stuck.
  9. Has anyone looked up where the party data is? If not, I might be able to find it. [I heard that pokemon data from in the party are flung way away from the box data which... makes no sense. Gamefreak No. Gamefreak Why.]
  10. Oh shit, an update? Thanks man! Will have to give this a fresh look now [I'm probably going to restart my save and stuff.] Thanks in advance, this is an awesome hack.
  11. Ah, all right! [This just makes me want to pick up that research for fun tbh...]
  12. You say that PkHex doesn't check trash bytes. Is there a program that does check them for legality purposes?
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