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  1. Thanks in advance I can trade some Go stuff or a shiny caterpie I caught in exchange.
  2. Oh, whoops! I can trade it to them if they want.
  3. Here you go! 691 ★ - Dragalge - 1F95D6BC50EF.pk7
  4. https://sav2vc.fm1337.com/ this tool should work if you don't want to bust out a hex editor.
  5. This the one you are looking for?
  6. In theory, you are correct. In practice, it's a bit wonkier than that. The old event carts would generate the pokemon, but for some reason would set the origin game to Ruby. Try and set it in Pkhex to Emerald, Pkhex should automatically tell you if it's one of those specific "ruby" events or not. The legality checker is a godsend and will usually give you a good guideline as to what is legal or not.
  7. Pkhex shouldn't damage your save file. As for your Treeko event, I think that certain event pokemon in gen 3 force a certain game to be the origin, regardless of the game it was received in. So yeah, that might have an effect on legality.
  8. Having this same issue, it only allows you to hit them if you use a ghost, bug, or dark type move. If I didn't have a pokemon with dark type moves I would have been stuck.
  9. Has anyone looked up where the party data is? If not, I might be able to find it. [I heard that pokemon data from in the party are flung way away from the box data which... makes no sense. Gamefreak No. Gamefreak Why.]
  10. Oh shit, an update? Thanks man! Will have to give this a fresh look now [I'm probably going to restart my save and stuff.] Thanks in advance, this is an awesome hack.
  11. Ah, all right! [This just makes me want to pick up that research for fun tbh...]
  12. You say that PkHex doesn't check trash bytes. Is there a program that does check them for legality purposes?
  13. Yeah, I'm on latest version (17/10/17). I've been messing with this for a few weeks at most, couldn't find anything googling up the issue and wanted to make sure it wasn't user error.
  14. Been testing this for a while and figured that I should probably tell someone: Pkhex while editing the GameCube games garbles the Shadow Pokemon data and causes some really weird things to occur. Attached are the save file I edited and the backup, untouched (I used some action Replay but other than that it's pretty clean.) After editing, the Tyranitar and the Quagsire in my team reverted to shadow pokemon randomly, however the number of purified shadow Pokemon remained the same. Before Editing: After Editing, not touching either of these specific Pokemon: This has happened with my test of XD where I didn't even use Action Replay at all, where it glitches the shadow Pokemon list and causes some shadow pokemon when encountered to not register as a shadow making them impossible to catch as well as causing the gift togepi to not be a shadow upon obtaining it and have shadow moves while not being a shadow. While the glitches have been mildly amusing for me, I can see them being an annoyance for others. Hopefully it's just user error though! 01-GC6E-pokemon_colosseum.gci 01-GC6E-pokemon_colosseum_backup.gci
  15. Dolphin dumps the save as data.bin, and the pbrsavedata is in another file that no matter how much I fiddle with won't actually change anything in-game. I'm very confused. EDIT2: I just edited the Twitch Plays Pokemon save. Seems PBR will only unlock editing passes if the save has linked to a DS before (which is impossible in Dolphin.) The save I edited had that flag checked, so I ended up just using that.
  16. EDIT: I realized that I was working with the wrong file/ Dolphin dumped the wrong thing when it was dumping my save. Sorry about the confusion and sorry for wasting your time with this, haha! Thank you for the help. I got Pkhex to work with the save file.
  17. I found a program called PBRsavetool as it was mentioned that Dolphin dumps the encrypted save and that I would have to decrypt it to edit it in PKhex. I also realized I gave you the wrong original file (I was messing with Twitch Plays Pokemon save to see if that would work.) Testing the decryptor on my original save then trying to import gives the same error, however. I'll attach the program I have been using and the original file + decrypt of it, sorry for the mixup. PbrSaveData.bin PbrSaveData_decrypted_current pbrsavetool.exe
  18. I'm not sure if PKHEX works with Battle Revolution, but everytime I try to load my dumped save from Dolphin it shows up with this error and doesn't load it. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, tried to look for a solution to this on other sites but came up with nothing. I attached both the "decrypted" save and the original dolphin dump. Thanks in advance for the help! PbrSaveData_decrypted_current PbrSaveData
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