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  1. Yup, pretty sure it's this guy. Still no Wonder Card tho. /:
  2. Morning. I decided to take a look at the Gen IV event page on Bulbapedia today and found out there's no Wonder Card listed for this Pikachu event. It's very likely that the majority of people who managed to attend the event have already got rid of the Wonder Card by now, which is quite disappointing... I couldn't find any .pcd files on the Internet either. I've been a Pikachu fan since I was little, hence one of my biggest dreams as a collector is to be able to collect them all. So, is this one of those "lost in time" events? Should I lose my hope? ?
  3. Oh... Getting to know DS emulators still can't emulate local wireless makes me very disappointed. Guess my life would be a lot easier if I could actually get my R4 to work. I wish I knew what the problem is, but their website no longer exists. Anyway, thanks for your response.
  4. Hi, guys. I wonder if there's a way to distribute event Pokémon on my DS Lite using a flashcard with the distro ROM and then get the Pokémon on my save file through DeSmuME. I actually had a second flashcard, but it's not working anymore (neither my DS nor my 3DS recognizes it for some reason). I know that if wanna get it to work I'll have to set the clock so that it displays the actual distribution time, but I'm a little bit worried about doing that to my PC.
  5. Oh... Well, I thought it'd be due to Emerald's release date, but it doesn't seem to have something to do with that (?). When the Treecko event was held, Emerald version had already been released in Japan, so it could be obtained just fine in these games as well (according to Bulbapedia). I tried to check some other files yesterday to see which game they would display as that specific Pokémon's origin. It turned out that all of them are set to Ruby for some reason. It doesn't sound humanly possible to me that all these Pokémon were caught by the same Japanese guy back in the early 2000s so their data could get straight into a save editor tho. That's why I thought there would be no problem if I changed it to Emerald.
  6. Excuse me, guys. It's my first time ever using PKHeX, so I'm a real beginner when it comes to editing Pokémon. I know nothing about how it works and if it can actually damage my save file somehow. Bad Eggs gave me a hell of a bad time when I was a kid, and I don't feel like running into them anymore. I was trying to get an event Treecko through a .pk3 file via PKHeX a couple hours ago and I realized it says there that the game which the Treecko was received in is Ruby, when mine is Emerald. Is there any problem to change this info? Would that make my Pokémon less legal?
  7. Yeah, it's 2015 stuff, so... The pictures are still awesome anyway. And it definitely helped me improve my Japanese skills.
  8. I've been playing the Japanese Emerald for a while now, and since there's so little information on how these events occurred in Japan by that time I decided to take a look at them on my own. I managed to find an absolutely amazing post on Pokémon Daisuki Club about the AuroraTicket Deoxys today. It's in Japanese, so I'm not sure if it'd help you or not, but I can share it if you want. Anyway, it's basically about a guy who was able to attend the distribution event back in 2004. Apparently, the method they used there doesn't actually differ from the one we know in America or in Europe. The player would need a Wireless Adapter plugged into the GBA to get the Pokémon and that's pretty much it. I'm not sure if there are any ROMs available on the internet to reproduce the Japanese event tho, which is very sad.
  9. Thanks for the explanation. Does that stand for .pkm too?
  10. Hello, everyone. It's my first time ever posting on this forum so I'm not sure about the sections thing yet. Anyway, can somebody please tell me how these .pk3 files work? I've never seen this format at all and I don't even know if it's a file on its own or if I should extract something out of it. I downloaded one of them to see if I could get the japanese Aura Mew, but I haven't succeed till this very moment. ?
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