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  1. Wow thanks so much, I really appreciate your work and help. I am still waiting for the windows version of the randomizers :p It can wait tho, I have no hurries, I rather want it late and good then fast and bad :D Thanks again!
  2. Hey I am glad to see you back again XD. I wanted to ask if you could make some pokemon xd gale of darkness randomized patches for me since I dont have a mac osx to randomize myself. I only want trainers randomized and the shadow pokemon randomized and if its possible, I would also like it if the pokespots are randomized. Thanks in advance!
  3. Oh I understand. Thanks for taking your time to answer my question
  4. Hey I am back with another request xD. I know it has nothing to do with XD GoD or Colosseum, but since you can make randomizer tools, is it maybe also possible to make a Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Randomizer tool. Someone made one for explorers of sky, so I thought if it is maybe possible for PSMD too. If it is possible and you have the time, I would love it if you could make a PSMD Randomizer tool. I always loved that game and I wanna try it randomized this time.
  5. Hey, I used the VirtualBox for the mac os sierra but when I load it, it keeps rebooting the mac over and over. Its like looping itself. Do you or anyone here know how to turn mac apps into windows exe cause I am really sad that I cant use these programs. If also, can someome help me with my problem? Any help is appreciated.
  6. Alright, I tried downloading mac virtual machine, but it just wont open . It says everytime that there was an unhandled exception so it cant open sadly. Maybe you know a fix?
  7. Are you maybe still working on it to port it to windows? I am wondering cause I really want to use it ?
  8. Is there no way to open this and the colosseum randomizer tool via windows? I dont have a mac but I wanna play these games randomized so badly. I also dont want to use a pre patched rom cause I want to randomize it bymyself. I have more fun with self randomizing. Sorry if it sounds weird xD
  9. Hey I like your work! Will this randomizer create patches that you can use to randomize the game, or do you just insert your own iso in the randomizer and select the options wich you want randomized? I dont have a mac so I cant see ?
  10. I dont even know what sky editor is, is that a program where you can change the starters and partners?
  11. But is the tool for changing the starter and partner downloadable along with the starter and partner sprites, so we can import them easily? I was hoping that you were making a randomizer where you also can randomizer the starter and partner. I was really excited for that.
  12. Hey, are you still working on the starter and partner animations? I wanted to ask how much progress you have made and when the starter and partner are randomized. I wanna play a randomizer with randomized starters.
  13. Hey I see you are really working hard on this "starter and partner randomizations". I know you are not done yet with it, but I am really excited for the starters and partners randomization. I played a explorers of sky randomizer but I was kind of dissapointed when I saw I couldnt randomize my starter and partner. I am really excited and I wish you the best of luck.
  14. Are you maybe still working on this randomizer? I would love for it to randomize the starter and partner and I would love it if you make it compatitable with the other mystery dungeon games such as time darkness red rescue and blue rescue. Thnx
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