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  1. Is there a code, or better said does anyone hava a code to reset the fossil guy in the lab on cinnabar island? When you use the same code to get al 3 starters (usefull code btw) to get both fossils in mt. moon, the guy only does 1 of those and the amber, it would be a usefull code for those who want to hack fossils in and keep ressurrecting those, so yeah anyone got that very specific code for those that want it?
  2. i'm guessing its a new type of crystal, also the z-ring itself is black, hope they will introduce more ultra beasts and make it possible to return there after you beat Lusamine.. you think the fusion is done with the DNA splicers OR something new? Both fusions have a multi colored triangle on their heads for some reason Also the logos having the extra black parts on them seem to refrence the fusions themselves, the 4 star part in the logos might be a clue at how they fuse a new location where both must be brought in order to do their thing
  3. does anyone have a copy of Alador's SAV File? please share it with me! the attached file does not seem to be there
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