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  1. This seems to still be an issue 9 months later as I am experiencing the same thing on my Heart Gold version. Says 'Invalid: Move 2 PP is above the amount allowed.' but I changed the PP on all pokemon to 0 so must be an error? perhaps @Kaphotics can check this out.
  2. Crown Tundra update won't work with pkhex. Gotta wait until pkhex updates in 2-7 days.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This file contains all the newly added Isle of Armor Pokemon that weren't previously in the game before. I've seen a lot of people requesting this.
  4. How do I add all ribbons? I already know .Ribbons=$suggest adds all legal ribbons but I need a batch edit line to add every single ribbon to a Pokemon.
  5. Is there anyway to edit our saves? I don't think pkhex works yet.
  6. In the current version of PkHex (4/18/19), when editing the Trainer Name on Pokemon Yellow GBC, the Pikachu will stop following the Trainer in-game. Even if the Ash Pikachu OT and ID matches up with the newly changed Trainer name. Does anybody know how to solve this issue or get Pikachu to reappear?
  7. I figured out the solution to these problems. All you need to do is dump the edited save back from your cartridge onto your pc, it will show that Slot 2 and so on are empty when loading the save in Pkhex. Now just load the Pokemon back onto the save and restore that save file onto your game and it should now have all Pokemon in the PC Boxes that originally should have been there. Not sure why it doesn't work the first time but this seems to be the only fix I could find. But I have another issue. When changing the Trainer Name on Pokemon Yellow, Pikachu will stop following the trainer, even if I alter the OT of Pikachu to match the new Trainer name and the IDs even match. Does anybody know how to get Pikachu to follow you again or a fix for this?
  8. When trying to load my Pokemon Yellow or Blue save via JoeyJoeBags to an authentic GBC Cart, it shows that there are only Pokemon in Box 1 even though I have multiple Boxes filled with Pokemon through Box 8 when importing them through Pkhex. All the items added and everything show up correctly, but just Box 2 and on don't appear. If I save on Box 2 before exiting PkHex, then load the save back onto the cart, it will show that all of Box 2 is full in game but the rest empty, even Box 1. So depending on the Slot that I save Pkhex on, is the slot that will appear with all the Pokemon in game, but the rest will be completely empty. This issue was occuring on Pokemon Red until I tried making new save files a couple times and somehow now all 151 Pokemon show up in the boxes but just can't seem to get the same thing working for Yellow or Blue. The problem isn't making any sense to me so I was hoping someone would know a solution or had similar issues before. Thanks in advance!
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