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  1. The pictures were pretty interesting, had all sorts of stuff related to the event Edit: Probably said too much..
  2. Actually, I made a mistake. The pictures are for the Taiwan Jirachis. You traded for those too? I'll send the stamp when I find it.
  3. Heh dumb question from me I guess, he's really the only other one aside from me.. (Even though he's retired) Glad that they are with you though. You seen those Taiwan Jirachi Pictures? Amazing huh. I don't mind sending that, I simply don't like it because there isn't actually a proper source..but would be good to hear what you know though.
  4. Aren't those Rabby pokes? How did you get them? Anyway, its the same one floating around commonly in Neoseeker. Except its the G3 version. I never even bothered to see it, its probably in my email somewhere but I doubt its legal/legit.
  5. Why this two specifically? Only ever seen the two common STAMP pokes in Neoseeker, not even sure if those are the real deal. I think i got them in G3 though..
  6. I assume "widely circulated eggs" as the once which I sent you, which also were the once that was on that Japanese website which was taken down more than a decade ago. Actually the events from there were never really widely circulated as you might think. Not many people know much about "files" back then and even fewer people who downloaded the eggs ever came to the English forums. Though those who had the events didn't exactly trade them easily either. (You know the guy who's difficult to deal with) As far as I know, the once in my circle are the only people who has them, which almost all have retired. So nope, I do not think that they are widely circulated. Although @ajxpk did mentioned that Japanese traders today still can easily download the events from somewhere, which I don't know the link of.. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
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