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  1. Read something interesting recently and want to share it with the community? Visit the User-Submitted News subforum to post your own news articles! 

  2. Hey Apple, instead of moving the Auto-Brightness toggle around within Settings, can I get a toggle for it on Control Center?

    Maybe in 2020 “)

    1. Sabresite


      Maybe it is possible to customize the touch bar to have it?

    2. jasenyoface


      There isn't a widget for it, however there is a toggle for Night Shift and True Tone after a "3D Touch" or long-press on the brightness slider.  



      btw @Sabresite, Wineskin will run on High Sierra! and PKHeX for Mac thread has been updated. Finally. 

    3. Got_Eevees


      ...That's nice...Pkhex on Mac..equality for all pc's...

  3. Voici le PKHeX pour Mac 17.09.22!



    1. Got_Eevees


      Wow! That must have been pretty exhilarating!


    2. wrathsoffire76


      I was hoping for you to drop your phone :P

    3. Got_Eevees




      I was wondering if he would stand on the vehicle and jump up and down in a circle then go inside.

  5. Play day with Clarence!




    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. wrathsoffire76


      Whoops, I think I set my language to French by accident :P

    3. jasenyoface


      And that's a great thing wraths! haha

    4. Got_Eevees



      Pas un accident, @wrathsoffire76

      Not an accident, @wrathsoffire76


      You chose French and French chose you.

  6. PKHeX for Mac thread has been updated! (17.08.07) PKHeX.app is now available.


  7. Check it out! PGL tournament where Marshadow can be used. XD



    1. theSLAYER


      I totally missed the previous tournament tho :/

  8. I ended up volunteering at the Animal Shelter again, yesterday. We found out Grace,(my favorite kitten, shhh) was actually a boy-now Gregory. 



    Adopt or not to adopt, that is the Q. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HakuEdoTensei


      Ah ok. Sorry for that assumption

    3. wrathsoffire76


      Too adorable, go for it if you can.

    4. Ruby Genseki

      Ruby Genseki

      If you like him that much, and you can properly take care of him -you know, time, resources, etc-, go for it, what if he ends up being adopted by someone else?

  9. Important event has been added to our Community Calendar.  Please Read.



  10. IMG_0099.jpg
    My newly caught buddy!


    I started my Pokémon GO adventure as soon as it was available last year.  Keep in mind, my three favorite Pokémon are: Alakazam, Gengar and Mr. Mime, in that order. Obviously my goal was to obtain these Pokémon.
    Abra, that extremely evasive Pokémon, has tested my patience throughout my entire adventure.  In GO, when I see "fled", I can't help but to think: "Yeah right, you mean Teleported."  

    Anyway, after losing interest in the game, I ultimately ended up deleting it from my phone several months ago; the appeal faded.  Long walks, late night outings, organizing my time to in a way to play a game, an app, was getting ridiculous.  I vaguely remember buying lures and incubators, too!  

    Pokémon GO's anniversary came around, I re-downloaded it.  Thanks to @theSLAYER for reminding me that my account information would still be in place.


    Being that Mr. Mime is a lost cause for me, harvesting those Gastly and Abra candies in order to obtain Alakazam and Gengar was still on my bucket list.  I currently have a Kadabra and a Haunter.  I've actually had them since before my re-installation of the App!  

    Anyway, to my surprise, an Alakazam spawned right beside me last night!  Low on berries, Great Balls and with only one Ultra Ball to my name, my excitement quickly turned into anxiety as I stared into this beast's digital eyes.  With a Gold Razz Berry in effect, I threw my Ultra Ball with a spin; It connected with a "Great!" toss.   Wiggle... Wiggle... Slow Wiggle... "Gotcha!"  

    1. theSLAYER


      Congrats on finally nabbing an Alakazam!

      That's a pretty hard to get Pokemon!

      I think I may still have a Mr.Mime, if trading becomes a thing (if it allows long distance trading), we could swap entries to complete the Pokedex!

  11. I’m volunteering at the animal shelter today.  I see: Meowth; Persian; Litten; Rockruff; Growlith and some Ekans.  A Pigey pooped on my vehicle’s windshield ¬¬  

    Where’s a max repel when you need one! -HaHa


  12. IMG_0606.jpg

    While exploring downtown Indianapolis, I encountered a few Pokémon Trainers that challenged me to battle.  What an unexpected delight!  We duked it out on a grassy terrain. xD.  These Trainers were exceptional!  Overall, I prevailed.  One Trainer, awarded me a "badge".  Picture below:


    IMG_0614.jpgMy first fidget spinner. Lol!

    A few more pictures of my adventure:



    Where's the nearest Pokémon Center; I am wore out!  

  13. PKHeX for Mac has been updated to version 17.05.30

  14. PKHeX for Mac thread has been updated to reflect version 17.03.18

  15. PKHeX for Mac thread has been updated with the latest version of PKHeX (17.2.25.) available to download.

    Additionally, you will find that my download now contains a PKHeX.dmg file instead of just the PKHeX.app.  I feel that using a disk image will simplify things for some users.

    Check it out >>> PKHeX for Mac

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