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  1. I would have to say definitely not a dragon type. I know a lot of people want it but it's not gonna happen. It will probably either be a rock, steel or fighting type. Maybe a ground type but that would be bland.
  2. Very clever... Lets count in Spanish ino dos tres cuatro
  3. Thats too op tho. And you get 1m at the end of S&M too
  4. I got GOOD reputation! Woot Woot!

    1. wrathsoffire76


      Now try to get excellent reputation.

  5. One last time then! Name: Glacier Freeze Collapse Freeze Dry Z move Type: Ice Attack: Base 110, Never misses Description: The user surrounds the foe with a huge glacier, which splits in half, and collapses on the foe. Ok guys one update. Try to make it not super sayan levels like my god I get that Ninetales reference too lol
  6. That'd be nice. Also I think if they did add that, you'd need a grinder that would cost... maybe 10,000 pokedollars
  7. I dont mind that they're talking. If I did i'd have intervened by now Ikr
  8. REANIMATION! Time to revive this Lol like Haku
  9. Lets go again! Move: Bite of the Toxic Moth Type: Poison Attack: 80 base, Never misses Description: A toxic moth (Venomoth preferably) bites a foe with extreme power. It never misses, and has a 90% chance of Poisoning or a 15% of Paralysis
  10. How do I get on it? nvm lol doesnt work for me
  11. Aww hes so cute! Im wondering. This is off topic but will there ever be a chat place? .0.
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