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  1. The New Update won't load. It just says "The application “PKHeX” can’t be opened." The 19.11.15 works fine for me but that doesn't have any pokemon in it. Whats wrong with the new link? Is anyone else having trouble? Someone please assist me *Figured it out Wine Bottler. It worked the third time of me restarting the computer. The Newly downloaded app just opened even though it says could not be started after I hit Yes. Thanks for your help in the community!
  2. I haven't used pkhex in a year since 3ds days and now I can't open anything. I use wine and I can open the Pkhex_19_09.19.7z file no problem... The PkHex_19_11.15.7z doesn't work just gives me the error. "The application “PKHeX” can’t be opened." Its just an upgrade why won't the new one open? Someone help me. Its just Lets go Eevee on the last update. I need sword and shield!!!! Update: Fixed!
  3. I'm literally in the exact same boat as you. I'm at Old 3DS.11.4.0-37U use to use soundhax I updated to 11.4 when I needed access to Bank a while back. Finished my living dex in Sun and boom bam updated to throw everything in bank. Now that Ultra games are out I thought i'd try the hack life out again. So after me searching the web all day it seems like I'm gonna have to buy one of these flashcart things. Can you update me on which one you got? The steps? Any guides you have lol. I need help as well.
  4. HOLY CRAP HOW DID I MISS THAT! Thank you so much for continually to get back to me. It worked!
  5. K I still do not understand I need help. "Any" or "All" doesn't give me the actual code that I need to type in. I've tried doing a variety of.SuperTrain=0 .SuperTrain1_SPA= .SuperTrain1_SPA=0 .SuperTrain1_SPA=1 Everything it just gives me an error. What is the exact code similar to what I posted before of .OT_Memory=0 .OT_Affection=0 .OT_Intensity=0 .OT_TextVar=0 .OT_Feeling=0 that i need to type in to remove all the supertraining check marks. Attached below is examples of what I've tried to do. I'm just looking for the Exact Code that I'm suppose to type in. I've looked all over the web and on here and https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/blob/8198bba01b6345f4d9af1b904ccfb9e767904325/PKHeX/Legality/Checks.cs theres no clear answer like other categories.
  6. Hello. So update I have figured out. =Box=7 .OT_Memory=0 .OT_Affection=0 .OT_Intensity=0 .OT_TextVar=0 .OT_Feeling=0 Will get rid of my Memory. I can't figure out how to uncheck all the super training tho still
  7. Hey thanks for getting back to me. I'm still super confused. So I attached photos if it helps explain whats wrong with my pokes. 1) Gives me an error I open memories. Change memory type to be the first one to delete the memory: the pokemon seems to have a good memory, but it doesn't seem to be able to remember... 2) Still an error. I open Medals and everything is checked so I hit remove all. 3) Tada! Perfect. Legal So I'm looking for the .OT_memory=0 command or .SuperTrain=uncheckall or something in the batch editor. I've tried multiple times on all the different OT and SuperTrain I'm not really sure how to get the commands I'm wanting there doesn't seem to be a Hint thing? And it keeps giving me "file ignored due to an internal error" Any advice on the commands I'm looking for? Thanks
  8. Hello, I'm trying to do a batch edit. I've figured out every tab I need to do except memories and super training. Is there any tabs or values for me to be able to turn: memory type: the pokemon seems to have a good memory, but it doesn't seem to be able to remember... as well as for medal editor. For some odd reason a lot of my pokes have them all checked off and I need to go in manually and click remove all to each pokemon to make them all legal. If there is a batch editor command that I can apply to all of them to remove all their super training and memories could you let me know the correct formula please. It would save alot of time instead of changing and removing them one by one. Thanks Cheers
  9. Thanks I figured it out. Cheers! For Paniola Ranch = 78
  10. Yep thank you I'm aware its a number. I just don't feel like continually trial and error 32 versions of time until it gets it right. I'm assuming this is a very common locations that most people would have already done. I'm just looking for the number to put there for someone who's done it already.
  11. I have been trialling and error to get every value of the command for these codes. and I need help for the following commands on what to type. What is the Value for Met Location: Paniola Ranch, Egg Met Conditions: Nursery Helpers. Someone Please help me! I have 32 full boxes I want to change everything to the following: Country: Canada Region: Blank Console Region: Americas (NA/SA) TID: 08941 SID: 11265 OT: Chris OT Gender: Male Latest (Not OT) Handler: Blank Ball: Pokeball Met Level: 1 Met Location: Paniola Ranch Current Level: 100 Met: As Egg Origin Game: Sun Met Date: Jan 17 2017 Egg Met Conditions: Nursery Helpers Egg Met Conditions Date: Jan 17 2017 Friendship=255 EC: Randomized PID: Randomized Answers I've figured out: .Country=18 .Region= .ConsoleRegion=1 =Box=1 .TID=08941 .SID=11265 .OT_Name=Chris .OT_Gender=2 .HT_Name= .Ball=4 .Met_Level=1 .Met_Location=??? .CurrentLevel=100 .IsEgg=1 .Version=30 .MetDate=20160117 Egg Met Conditions: 60002 .EggMetDate=20160117 .CurrentFriendship=255 .EncryptionConstant=$rand .PID=$rand
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