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  1. umleydie

    PKHeX for Mac

    The New Update won't load. It just says "The application “PKHeX” can’t be opened." The 19.11.15 works fine for me but that doesn't have any pokemon in it. Whats wrong with the new link? Is anyone else having trouble? Someone please assist me *Figured it out Wine Bottler. It worked the third time of me restarting the computer. The Newly downloaded app just opened even though it says could not be started after I hit Yes. Thanks for your help in the community!
  2. umleydie

    PKHeX on Mac

    I haven't used pkhex in a year since 3ds days and now I can't open anything. I use wine and I can open the Pkhex_19_09.19.7z file no problem... The PkHex_19_11.15.7z doesn't work just gives me the error. "The application “PKHeX” can’t be opened." Its just an upgrade why won't the new one open? Someone help me. Its just Lets go Eevee on the last update. I need sword and shield!!!! Update: Fixed!
  3. I'm literally in the exact same boat as you. I'm at Old 3DS.11.4.0-37U use to use soundhax I updated to 11.4 when I needed access to Bank a while back. Finished my living dex in Sun and boom bam updated to throw everything in bank. Now that Ultra games are out I thought i'd try the hack life out again. So after me searching the web all day it seems like I'm gonna have to buy one of these flashcart things. Can you update me on which one you got? The steps? Any guides you have lol. I need help as well.
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